IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 96

     show.ibc.org I #IBC2018   OTT delivery that gains and holds on to new audiences In today’s media market, OTT services – especially live streaming ones – can be the diff erentiator that snares new audiences. As ratings for traditional broadcast and cable networks continue to slip, the demand for OTT delivery is a natural opportunity for growth. While good customer viewing experiences can open up vast new audiences, bad experiences can result in customer loss and damage to your brand. Today, there are integrated delivery solutions and smart workfl ows that can mitigate the risk Content programmers need a three-pronged strategy to deliver to today’s viewing audience. Success requires: operational effi ciency; business creativity and agility; and a high-quality viewing experience. A strong multiscreen strategy will synchronise the audience experience as tightly as possible across broadcast, OTT and social. Content holders need to consider ad insertion, subscriber management, digital rights policy and frequently changing brand marketing initiatives. Social media will be leveraged to drive audiences and increase engagement. Improvements to the OTT experience must include streamlined authentication, better content curation and personalisation. Finally, actionable intelligence must be gathered through the content delivery chain to spot issues and make rapid upstream adjustments that ensure a quality viewing experience. Modern video encoding solutions that address integrated live, VoD and linear distribution operations must be able to do more than ever before. They must understand programme boundaries with frame- accurate precision. They must recognise SCTE (Society of Cable and Telecommunications Engineers) markers or other cue points that inform systems where a programme begins and ends and where ad breaks occur – including what kind of ad opportunities are available within those breaks. They must seamlessly integrate with automation to support dynamic ad insertion, alternative content and blackout rules, and sophisticated content protection and packaging rules. Together, these capabilities unlock revenue streams while simultaneously elevating viewer experience. Content-aware workfl ows provide opportunities to improve the catch-up and replay experiences. New techniques to rapidly deliver IPTV/VoD versions can improve ratings (and ad revenue) and support dynamic ad insertion. For syndication, open ‘growing-fi le’ workfl ows make professional production formats accessible and executable in realtime. When paired with a secure transfer protocol on commodity internet, open workfl ows enable live remote ‘at-home’ or REMI