IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 95

 Filters benefit from True Net effect A light bulb moment: Shot with Schneider’s True-Streak Rainbow Filter Schneider-Kreuznach By David Fox High resolution and absolute clarity don’t always leave stars looking their best, which is where diffusion filters come in. Schneider-Kreuznach’s new True-Net filter, recreates the classic silk stocking diffusion look, with a choice of seven different versions that are simple to install and provide consistent results. It is the result of extensive research, which included developing a technique to sandwich hosiery made on the same knitting machines since the 1950s, between its crystal-clear water-white optical glass. It is protected from edge chipping with Schneider’s Edge Seal, which also reduces edge reflection and edge flare. The three True-Net Blacks provide a lush old-Hollywood feel, two True-Net Beige densities give a warm, dreamy 1960s to ‘70s effect, while two True-Net Gray filters portray a more muted natural feel that retains pleasing contrast. Also new is the True- Streak Gold filter, in four intensities, which allows a lens, anamorphic or not, to simulate the popular streak look in a vivid deep yellow tone – other True-Streak colours are also available. For a more dramatic look, there is also the new True-Streak Rainbow Filter, which breaks the light into eight intense colours. It uses proprietary techniques to let the colours seamlessly flow from one to the next, to look like multi-colour flares on uncoated lenses. All the filters are available in the 4x5.65 size, but other sizes can be made to order. 12.D50 Fast and accurate transcription tool Speechmatics By Mark Hallinger Increasing demand for content also means an increased need for addressing accessibility issues, according to Speechmatics. In the past, this has been done by adding subtitling and metadata via manual transcription, which takes a toll on cost and efficiency. To address the need for a new methodology, Speechmatics has started working with Digital Anarchy to provide a faster, more accurate transcription tool for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The Transcriptive plug-in created by Digital Anarchy uses automatic speech recognition technology that is easy to integrate and provides high-quality speech-to-text transcription, claims Speechmatics. Speechmatics says extensive testing in its lab showed great accuracy, including when working with accents and background noise or music. The Digital Anarchy plug-in is said to improve editing efficiency for Adobe Premiere Pro users because the Speechmatics technology can automatically transcribe an hour-long file in approximately five minutes through its cloud transcription service. 8.E17 Easier: Providing open captions for a video and searching video content is now simpler thanks to transcription tools