IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 87

  Graham Heap, director of product management, Ad Tech, Imagine Communications What are the most pressing challenges facing the media and entertainment industry? The media and entertainment industry is facing immense pressure because of the multiple ways that consumers now, in essence, watch TV, whether it’s in a living room, or on a phone, or via video-on-demand. Figuring out how to monetise changing consumer behaviour through the shift to impression- based selling and audience- based delivery is not only a technical challenge but also a radical business shift in how media companies currently sell and promote television. What trends or themes do you expect to emerge at this year’s IBC? In the past, media technology was always about saving money or cutting costs. Now, especially in advertising, the technology has a pivotal role to play in enabling monetisation and making more money. That theme is starting to pop up. Also, massive industry consolidation will be an IBC topic. There are huge deals in the offi ng that will radically change not only content distribution but how companies globally buy advertising. What are the main areas of focus for your company at IBC? We are focused on three key areas: inventory optimisation, inventory management and t argeted delivery. This three-pronged focus enables media sellers to leverage diff erent ways of reaching the consumer, sell diff erent ways and then place ads in diff erent ways to get to that consumer. They have more ways than ever to monetise content, brands and their connection to viewers: but technology has to be a foundation of how to do that effi ciently. Why should delegates visit your stand at IBC? Because they will fi nd solutions and strategies that address their real-world challenges, such as inventory optimisation tools that increase revenue opportunities. Inventory management solutions that ensure they can effi ciently execute cross-platform campaigns without adding headcount to the operational staff . And unifi ed delivery solutions that enable targeting of audience or platform, so they can make more money by using ads diff erently — regardless of how they actually get to the consumer. 4.A01 Cloud asset management Streamlined Words in action Ross Video VoiceInteraction By David Fox Streamline.cloud is Ross Video’s new subscription service that provides all of the power of its Streamline asset and workfl ow management system combined with the fl exibility of cloud hosting. Files can be stored in the cloud or in a local facility and moved seamlessly between locations using Ross’s Cloud Gateway to provide end-to- end encryption. Streamline. cloud can be used for graphics media asset management paired with Ross’s XPression motion graphics platform or as a full video production MAM paired with playout servers like Ross’s new Tria News. It also supports a full MOS workfl ow, integrating with both cloud and on-premise devices. Ross hopes that Streamline. cloud will build on the success of its Inception. cloud newsroom computer system and social media management tool, which was introduced last year. Using a similar model, customers will have the option to pay to use Streamline on a monthly or annual basis in addition to the traditional purchase model. The service is using Amazon Web Services, and setup, training and maintenance are included in the subscription. Ross claims that the low cost of entry and minimal maintenance will make it particularly suitable for small operations, while it is also scalable enough to support the largest operations with hundreds of concurrent users. 11.B08, 11.C10, 11.C23 Streamline.cloud builds on Ross’s Streamline asset and workfl ow management By Anne Morris Speech recognition technology specialist VoiceInteraction is introducing its Media Monitoring System (MMS) Broadcast Edition, which it says is an integrated product for video recording, storage and retrieval. The system provides real- time tools for automatic transcription, segmentation and topic indexing of TV contents. Other features include legal recording for auditing and compliance, Integrated product enables video recording, storage and retrieval loudness, closed captioning and audio description monitoring, multichannel content reviewing based on intelligent criteria, ratings and advertisement analysis, video repurposing with SEO tag generation, and more. 14.D08