IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 77

 Mini cinema gimbal off to fl ying start GSS By David Fox The new GSS Cinema Mini is a compact fi bre optic gyro- stabilisation system that is claimed to be the smallest, lightest (17kg) gimbal capable of handling the Arri Alexa Mini or Red Weapon with a lens up to a Canon 50-1000mm. The camera and lenses are interchangeable within minutes and the Cinema Mini is fully upgradable to support higher payloads or improved technology in future. It has six axes of movement using VectorSteering (a sixth axis look-down with no gimbal lock), fi bre optics, wireless capability and metadata outputs. It also has stabilised or steerable horizon with in-fl ight automatic calibration, and is compatible with existing air, marine or ground mounts. 12.E56 Master of your audio Domain Audinate By Mark Hallinger Dante Domain Manager is enterprise-grade network management software that Audinate claims makes audio networking more secure, scalable and manageable. The company says it brings the best practices of IT to the AV world by Weight – a bit: The new GSS Cinema Mini gyro- stabilisation system Dashboard: Audinate has brought best practices from IT in to the AV world integrating the network domain concept. It allows AV and IT professionals to diff erentiate and manage multiple private networks within the same infrastructure, all controlled by the system integrator. Dante Domain Manager allows AV and IT professionals to defi ne specifi c AV device groupings by room, building and site, allowing for the creation of independent Dante Domains and enabling a single Dante Domain to encompass multiple IP subnets. Audinate claims this eliminates the need for complex workarounds and enables the creation of a truly enterprise-scaled AV system. According to the company, Dante Domain Manager puts control in the hands of the system integrator, and increases the security in AV systems by allowing only the system integrator to have full control. The system integrator then delegates roles and accessibility. 8.A19