IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 71

 LED panel produces power play Sparkling partnership for F&V Europe Nordics announced By David Fox Mediability Group The new K4000 Power from F&V is a high-output 1x1 LED panel light with more power than its original K4000 (in fact if should deliver three times the output). The daylight (5600K) model has a maximum output of 9920 lux at 1m when using its optional KS-1 intensifi er (which changes its beam angle from the normal 75º to 45º). There is also a bi-colour 3200K to 5600K version (the K4000S), with a TLCI rating of 95-99. The lights weigh 2.3kg and can be powered by a standard V-mount battery, with a maximum power draw of 90W. They can also be fi tted with a Gold-mount plate. The K4000 Power costs €469, the K4000S is €549. By Mark Hallinger Mediability is celebrating a new partnership, as well as its dynamic growth since exhibiting for the fi rst time under a new company brand at IBC2017. Over the past year the Scandinavian dealer, distributor and technology partner has opened an offi ce in London, expande d its systems and services team, and continued The power of three: F&V’s new K4000 Power LED panel light Also new is the UltraColor Z400S bi-colour soft panel, with a TLCI of 99. It can output 1841 lux at 1m with a beam angle of 130° – using the KS-1 intensifi er concentrates the light into a 50° beam angle, increasing the brightness to 4400 lux at 1m (5600K). It costs €999. The R300S SE is the new bi-colour 50° beam-angle version of F&V’s R300 SE Ring Light. The €199 model uses 300 daylight-balanced LEDs that produce 2205 lux at 1m with a TLCI of 97. It is dimmable from 0-100% and can be powered from a Sony NP-F battery or via the DC 2.5mm jack. 12.F51 Clients: Mediability was technology vendor, systems architect and consultant for TV 2 Norway’s multi-site IP production news facility strategic work with several major media industry technology companies. An exclusive Diamond Partner agreement with Grass Valley for the Nordics operation secures customers’ access to the company’s full products portfolio, including the former Snell Advanced Media (SAM) product lines. The Grass Valley partnership is added to Mediability’s list of strategic partners, which include LiveU, Nevion, Provys, Viprinet and Vizrt in the Nordics. The company also has close alliances with AWS Elemental, NewTek, Quantum, LYNX Technik, OSEE, the Vitec Group, mo-sys, Ncam, IBM and others. The company’s customers include NRK, TV 2, VG TV, Discovery and Canal Digital. 8.D10