IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 67

 One-stop-shop TV entertainment experience platform Enhancements to Module-R Zenterio Custom Consoles By Ian McMurray By Mark Hallinger Today’s television viewers want to be engaged with the content they are viewing, believes Zenterio. They want access to live TV and VoD content, as well as apps and premium movie rentals – all in one place. To succeed, the company says, pay-TV operators must provide compelling content as part of a unifi ed service off ering in the home. The challenge, it continues, is to match the content with the subscribers’ ever-evolving tastes to reduce churn and increase average revenue per user. In response, Zenterio is using IBC to demonstrate its vision for the future of the TV experience with the launch of its Zenterio TV platform for 4K and legacy CPE. A new version of the Module-R range of studio control room furniture is on display. A mix-and-match range, Custom Consoles claims Module-R allows aesthetically attractive long- life desks to be confi gured to meet specifi c shapes and dimensions from a selection of high-quality pods, base sections, 19-inch rack housings, worktops, end- panel modules and legs. Co-ordinated desk pods are available as single- bay sections with up to 10U chassis capacity. The new version incorporates slimmer legs plus a removable rear Operators can easily create a tailor-made experience for viewers Zenterio TV is described as a one-stop shop TV entertainment experience platform comprising client software, UI and cloud components that the company claims guarantee viewer satisfaction and vendor fl exibility. Off ering pre-integrated OTT content and apps, including YouTube, Netfl ix and others, combined with full support for DVB and IPTV, Zenterio TV is claimed to keep viewers watching for longer and operators in control of the television experience. Zenterio TV includes cloud- based tools to make the client independent from the backend, allowing quick customisation and optimisation of content layout, UI and content presentation. According to the company, operators can easily create a tailor-made experience for viewers using the platform’s content layout and editorial content tools. 5.C53 LED lighting gets added Fabric softener Aladdin By David Fox The new bi-colour Fabric- Lite is a completely fl exible, foldable, portable LED light that comes in 200W and 350W versions. There are many mounting options for the lightweight Fabric-Lite, including all types of butterfl y, overhead, wall and ceiling mounts, thanks to integrated Velcro and grommets. The 3x3 (90x90cm) panel can be easily mounted on a Matthews frame or similar. Each panel can also be combined with others to cover up to 3.6x3.6m. The fi xture is dimmable from 1-100% and the colour temperat ure can be adjusted from 2900K to 6300K. The dimmer runs from the main power supply or battery and has a built-in lumen radio module for DMX control. The light has a TLCI rating of 97-98. Each panel has an arrangement of 24x30 LEDs (250W) or 30x40 LEDs (350W), and a beam angle of 140°. At 1m the 250W outputs 3400-4500 lux (tungsten to daylight) while the 350W outputs 7910-8940 lux. 12.G80 work surface which allows easy access to cableways. A full-length rear cable brush strip provides greater fl exibility for power and signal feeds to desk- mounted monitor arms. Optional full-height end panels are now available. Customers can now choose Compact Density Fibreboard (CDF) for pods and work surfaces. CDF is increasingly being recommended by architects both for its attractive styling and its robustness, according to Reed. 8.B38 Smart: The new furniture has slimmer legs and a removable rear work surface for easy access to cableways Flex-ing the muscles Deltacast By Carolyn Giardina A truly soft light: The new Aladdin fl exible, foldable Fabric-Lite Based on a gateway card occupying a single PCI-e slot and external modules – possibly rack mounted – Deltacast’s Flex can handle up to 32 video channels in 3G-SDI. It currently provides Flex capture modules for SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity. Additional modules are in development. The FLEX-3G 40 capture module hosts four independent SDI input channels that supports formats from SD (PAL, NTSC) to 3G-SDI (1080p). The channels can be combined together to capture UHD/4K pictures at up to 60p. 7.C01