IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 46

     show.ibc.org I #IBC2018   Shifting the human entertainment experience Media technology is evolving and transforming the way we experience the world. Consumers are always looking for more captivating and personalised ways to experience the media they know and love. They expect to find the content they want to watch when they want to watch it. They want to receive it in the highest possible quality – be that live streaming on an OTT service, or on-demand video on a mobile device. This growing demand is placing huge pressures on traditional service providers, operators, content owners and broadcasters – as well as new cloud TV providers – to continually change their services to meet and exceed these expectations. In order to retain existing customers and grow in a competitive and fragmented market, there is a need to find new and innovative ways to monetise content, package new services and deliver all of this more efficiently, and to tighter budgets. All offerings must be adapted towards delivering more immersive entertainment experiences. The rise of OTT streaming presents an opportunity and also a challenge to unlock its potential. Traditional TV providers are in a strong position to create competitive live OTT offerings for customers. However, this brings with it the issue of latency. No-one wants to have a live game- defining moment ruined by a lag caused by a streaming platform, particularly when millions are turning to social media to broadcast their views in realtime. Content discovery challenges remain with catch-up TV and time-shift services, yet the evolution of new features – such as universal search – is allowing us to consume more media with greater ease, every day. Through greater personalisation, our industry can generate more engaging and relevant ways to enjoy the media experience. These requirements are driving a major shift towards the cloud and IP, as TV providers look for ways to deliver these complex services more efficiently and cost-effectively. Cloud and IP technologies are enabling enhanced, converged services that are simultaneously driving down operational costs enabling traditional players to compete with newer, nimble OTT players. Through constant technological advancement, our industry can deliver smarter, faster and more efficient media. Next- generation formats such as virtual reality and immersive 360-degree video and the possible applications of the internet of things and smart cities offer a window to the potential new monetisation opportunities in the near future. It’s an incredibly exciting time for our industry. At this year’s IBC, we expect to hear how the industry plans to tackle some of the big Arun Bhikshesvaran chief marketing officer, MediaKind operational challenges at the centre of this great period of change and a shifting industry landscape. This includes the shifts from live linear content to live OTT content, from main screen content to personalised multiscreen content, and from traditional broadcast to cloud and IP. It also includes the shift in consumer behaviour, as viewers look for an even more compelling, vibrant on-screen content. In order to drive media and entertainment forward to shift the evolution of media, our industry must unlock the potential of these new technologies and deliver immersive media experiences everywhere, for everyone. 1.D61