IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 43

 LiteMat Spectrum launches in to Colour-Space LiteGear By David Fox LiteGear has introduced the next generation of its LiteMat at IBC: the LiteMat Spectrum, which now includes the ability to add accent colour through a patent-pending colour mixing process developed through Project Stardust. Certified Colour-Space Compliant: The new Stardust-sprinkled LiteMat Spectrum Expandable IP- based radio system Calrec By Mark Hallinger On show for the first time in Europe is the Type R modular, expandable, IP-based radio system. Type R makes use of standard networking technology and combines it with configurable soft panels that can be tailored to operator needs. Its physical control system consists of three slimline panels: a fader panel, a large soft panel and a small soft panel. Each is compatible with COTS hardware and powered over Ethernet to keep cabling to a minimum. alternative desaturation by using TrueHybrid white light to desaturate the colour accents. It also improves post- production workflows as it is claimed to be the first lighting system to be Certified Colour- Space Compliant. By setting augment this white light with 360º of colour accents. Saturated colour can be delicately added with 100 shades of depth. This colour processing also provides LiteMat Spectrum can accurately reproduce any Kelvin temperature of white light between 2000K and 11,000K with +/- 8points of tint correction. It can also the recording format in the dimmer (Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, etc), LiteMat Spectrum will only produce colour within that colour space. That should mean no colour noise and no data outside the specified gamut. 12.D39 TICO GOES XS TICO SMPTE RDD35 IS MOVING TO JPEG-XS S T A N O N A D F N D A R U N P G A R S D E C P F U I Z F I A C A I N T I E N D O T G N L Y P U SEE HOW TO CRE ATE BA NDWIDTH - EFFICIENT PROFESSION AL MEDIA PRODUCTION OVER IP IN HD, 4K OR 8K USING SMP TE 2110 A ND SMP TE 2022- 6. Flexible: Type R is a modular and expandable system At the heart of Type R is a 2U core with integrated I/O resources to get customers up and running quickly. A single core can power up to three independent mixing environments, with no sharing of DSP resources. 8.C61 H A L L 10 - D 31