IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 18

    show.ibc.org Sign up for the 4K4Charity run IBC attendees can help to raise money for charity and have a healthy start to Saturday by taking part in the 4K4Charity run. The 2.49 mile (4km) run or walk, which takes place in Amstelpark just south of the RAI, offers a healthy alternative to traditional networking while providing the chance to raise much-needed funds for organisations supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives. Last year, the 4K4Charity run raised over $38,000 (€33,000). This year, all proceeds will benefit both a local and a global charity: Amsterdam-based Stichting NewTechKids and Iridescent, the science education organisation. Bibs can be picked up from 06:15 with the run starting at 07:00. Light refreshments will be available before and after the run, and participants will receive a medal and a commemorative t-shirt. For more information, visit 4K4Charity.com I #IBC2018 Free travel to and from IBC The new North-South (Noord/ Zuidlijn) metro line is now open and can be accessed using a station (Europaplein) below the forecourt of the RAI. From here, frequent trains are ready to whisk you into the centre of Amsterdam and back again. The journey time should be less than 10 minutes. IBC visitors can travel for free on the metro, as they can on all the other public transport services within the city limits, 24 hours a day during the exhibition. It is a great way to get to your hotel, your restaurant reservation or to enjoy the Amsterdam nightlife – and of course to get back to IBC in the morning. You need to pick up a free travel pass: your IBC badge is not enough. Pick it up when you register, or from an IBC Information Point. As well as the new metro, Amsterdam has an extensive tram network which will take you to most parts of the city, from the stop outside the RAI. If your hotel is not close to a tram route, you should check out the IBC shuttle buses which may cover where you are staying. Information and times can be found at IBC Info Points or on the IBC app. The hotel shuttle buses leave from the front of the RAI. Finally, when the time comes to leave the Netherlands, there is a free shuttle bus which takes you from IBC to Schiphol Airport. Check with IBC Info Points or the app for departure times.