IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 13

13 Making a case for Camera Assistants OConnor By David Fox The new Camera Assistant bag from OConnor is designed to be “the ultimate unit bag”, with a water- and dust-resistant liner with stuff pocket, no internal seams and a hinged lid that can be left open on set without putting sensitive equipment at risk. “We wanted to set new standards for quality, durability and protection, with every aspect of on-location workfl ows thought through Ekstraklasa kicks off with UHD HDR OB Broadcast Solutions By David Fox Ekstraklasa Live Park, host broadcaster for Polish premier league football, has bought a new UHD/4K/HDR OB truck to cover matches from the beginning of 2019. The OB, on show in the outside exhibit area, is designed and built by system integrator Broadcast Solutions with partner NEP. The OB supports simultaneous SDR/HDR and HD/UHD production The OB is designed to off er a seamless and simultaneous SDR/HDR and HD/UHD production workfl ow. Its Grass Valley LDX 86N 4K cameras have been upgraded with perpetual HDR licenses, while ten AJA FS-HDR units handle HDR remapping and SDR conversion. The OB is fi tted with a proven technology off ering fl exible interconnectivity and using IP-based or -enabled audio and video bridging devices. For audio and video processing it uses Riedel’s MediorNet. O.E02 and designed in,” said Steve Turner, product manager, OConnor. It has a tough, wipeable outer fabric and a double-skin lining. For heavier loads D-ring fi xing points on the front and back enable users to carry the bag Sherpa-style using the leather strap provided, which spreads the weight of the bag over the carrier’s back rather than concentrating it on the shoulders. The bag fi ts into a standard Pelicase 1620 travel case. Inside it includes heavy-duty dividers with double-sided fastening strips for heads and accessories, plus fi xing points for pan bars and camera plates, and clear-mesh pockets for additional gear. The Camera Assistant bag also includes an extra pouch that can be carried on the user’s belt or fi xed externally to the main bag. 12.E65