IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 105

105 OPINION Breaking down barriers between great content and global consumers The transformation from traditional on-premise infrastructures to the cloud is underway in all sectors of the video industry. It is being driven by unstoppable industry forces, such as the migration of content storage to the cloud for greater fl exibility, as well as operational advantages in both hardware and software by incorporating the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. As the entire content ecosystem embraces the cloud, there is a great opportunity to improve the effi ciency of the end- to-end delivery process and remove obstacles that impede transparency and information fl ow. Content providers and video service providers share a need to streamline and secure distribution of their video assets. While content providers wish to broaden and accelerate the monetisation of assets, they need new tools to ensure content security, enforce downstream playback policies and obtain usage reporting for analytics purposes. Service providers, on the other hand, desire easier and faster access to compelling content, combined with a reduction in cost and distribution complexity from the point of origination to the viewers. Now imagine a connected content distribution platform where content providers and service providers converge around a common cloud platform to effi ciently and accountably exchange content. Owners, aggregators, programmers and broadcasters are able to exchange content, metadata, digital rights, and related analytics with service operators – multichannel video programming distributors (MPVDs), distributors and resellers – via an effi cient connection to cloud delivery. It is a completely reimagined workfl ow where content is stored once and securely delivered everywhere. For operators, this model saves the cost of having to re-encode and re-encrypt as the content is sent pre- packaged at a set of given bitrates and fi le formats. It also reduces friction in dealing with content providers on usage rights and contractual terms, and helps harness analytics more eff ectively to cut churn, boost ad sales and upsell the data itself. They are also able to satisfy content provider requirements through automated usage reporting and quality of experience assurance. It simplifi es workfl ow through centralised management and processing. For content providers, it brings an unprecedented level of visibility into aggregated viewership data by removing barriers and enables them to gain insights from analytics. They also maintain greater control over content with an improved ability to eliminate or minimise re-encryption points and enforce rights and licensing terms digitally – all with less room for error. There is no longer the need for encoding farms to create 20-plus diff erent fi le formats Shift adds creative review platform Shift By Steve Fairclough Shift, the creator of media collaboration services MediaSilo and Wiredrive, is showing its latest sharing, collaboration and review platform throughout IBC2018. The platform, also named Shift, is designed to streamline review and approval for executive-level reviewers and individual content creators. Shift allows admins and content creators to retain all of their roles, permissions and security The Shift platform shown in use on a desktop Tom Munro, chief executive, Verimatrix for hundreds of diff erent service providers. Simpler, more effi cient workfl ows are the driver, but security and fi ne- grained control of rights management are also core benefi ts. Because content providers maintain control of the keys and playback policies associated with their content, it enables them to enforce rules – including watermarking where required – across the whole protocols and to switch swiftly between teams, while making it easy for reviewers to keep track of what’s coming at them. It is designed to be part of a connected ecosystem where reviewers receive links from a variety of platforms, providing a central place to collect feedback. In a similar way to the cloud-based collaboration tool Slack, the Shift platform sits on your browser or desktop, where it’s close to your NLE and other creative tools. Kai Pradel, CEO of Shift, said: “Our tools have been used by leading networks, studios, OTT providers and advertising ecosystem, from distributors through to end users. As the content industry expands and fragments, it becomes harder to conduct trade in the traditional way involving direct negotiation over rights, bitrates and formats. This new approach champions the creation of an automated platform where content discovery and negotiation, as well as secure transmission, all take place digitally. 5.A59 agencies for years to develop work-in-progress. We’ve taken what we’ve learned in the enterprise space to build a platform that actually fi xes what’s wrong with review and approval. We wanted to redefi ne the review process and put people at the centre of it. Our goal is to get feedback out of email and back to where the content actually lives.” At IBC, Shift is also showing its on-demand forensic and visible watermarking service, SafeStream, and Screeners. com, which is a secure screening platform for pre-release content. 9.LP20