IBA SUCCESS MAGAZINE Issue 2 Volume 5 - Page 3

WELCOME VOLUME 5 n ISSUE 2 n POWER IN PARTNERSHIP W hat comes to your mind when you hear the word partner? From war stories to generational wealth, I’m sure we all can shed some light on the topic. For me, I consider myself to forever be a student and a partnership can teach you many things professional- ly and personally. One thing, I know for sure, is for growth, nourishment is needed in many areas. Like a tree, it begins with a seed, but will need sunlight and water to grow. As it grows, limbs develop. Then, whether it is fruit on those limbs or leaves, the entire tree partners in effort to provide something to someone, rather an individ- ual or the ecosystem. Partnerships are set forth for the mutu- al benefit of all involved. I have had my share of so-called partnerships and then mutually benefitable partnerships. All the same, each has created some type of learning lesson. This edition shares the story of how Scott Mathews, President of iTouch Orlando, a premier multimedia and technology company that uses digital interactive signage and kiosks to speak di- rectly to consumers, understands how cre- ating partnerships with people in a similar industry provide growth a lot faster than on his own. What an incredible guy and media outlet to partner with. When I created IBA Success Magazine, my intentions were pure to the facts that I wanted each person, business and organization I came in contact with to exceed their set goals. My mission was simple! To expose this publication by mak- ing it a bi-monthly campaign to thousands of people of all demographics around the world while focusing on content that would deliver expert advice, referrals and just an array of goodness aimed to empower, ed- ucate and promote. Now, five years in, I am living my dream. A dream that opens doors worldwide and connects my readers and advertisers glob- ally, all while showcasing and highlight- ing set themes of relevancy for growth. This has allowed me to birth Jennifer Yon Agency, a boutique Public Relations, Mar- keting & Consultancy firm focused on de- veloping the appropriate campaign while connecting the client with the proper channels for goal achievement. As you flip through this edition, I encour- age to be inspired by reading the cover story on page 14, viewing the women in business profiles that begin on page 18, and learn how you can give back by checking out the featured charities that begin on page 28. The individuals I’m featured with on this cover share some of my similar goals. We are all focused on providing a service that creates opportunities and advancement in the lives of others. So, with great plea- sure, I welcome you to the Power in Part- nership edition. —Jennifer Yon As always friends, I hope you enjoy this is- sue as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to fruition. VOL 5, Issue 2 n IBASuccessMagazine.com 1