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of "Thoughts become things": a universal- ly-minded Christian faith; an unwavering belief in the Law of Attraction; and testi- monies of others who rose above adver- sity. Our greatest successes lie in avoiding self-sabotage by getting out of our own way to overcome. munity provide an opportunity to view inventory in-person with same-day shop- ping purchases. SOS Art Gallery pop-up events plus online gift shop = #ShopLocalOnYourSchedule. GET CONNECTED: Face-To-Face Networking In The Age of Social Media The biggest trap in the Age of Internet is isolating ourselves behind a keyboard. Time and time again, I'm reminded through reconnecting in-person with my peers, the sheer importance of network- ing. Time spent building relationships is time well invested. Orlando is one big case study in six degrees of separation. By following our intended paths, people we meet along the way teach us lessons, good and bad; these relationships emu- late there is strength in numbers. While there are customers who'd rather buy handmade maker goods, rather than DIY, one thing is for sure: Creativity breeds innovation and a rewarding knowledge that we're more creative than we give our- selves credit for. SOS Art Gallery is launch- ing walk-in workshops and interactive make 'n' take stations at local pop-ups. Learn the process behind handmade cards, gifts and artwork in order to appreciate the time, passion and purpose behind getting away from mass production. Each unique piece is a labor of love, which means much more to both artists and local supporters. GET LOCAL: Pop-Up Boutique Partnerships in the Community GET MOVING: Staying Motivated As An Entrepreneur to Live Your Best Life Our retail model has been turned upside down in the past decade, largely due to the stronghold of corporate influences, namely Amazon.com. By observing the recent shopping trends, thriving retail finds solutions to appease instant gratification. A one- to two-day de- livery model and free shipping now drives the shopping habits of the masses. Through the years, I've continued to de- velop an SOS Art Gallery online shop at ShopSOSArtGallery.com in order to make one-of-a-kind handicrafts accessible to a global audience. While online retail gives a shopper the ability to shop on their own schedule, pop-up shop boutiques in the local com- GET CREATIVE: Walk-In Workshops & Interactive Vendor Experiences Being an entrepreneur means being the boss of your own schedule. Time-man- agement and self-motivation are vital fac- tors in making the most of your workdays when accountability is a must to stay on track. This year, BizOrlando.com is launch- ing a Team Keep It Moving initiative, pro- viding entrepreneurs with accountability partners who motivate each other. By do- ing so, we work together towards daily ac- tions needed to develop long-term habits of being self-starters. GET PAMPERED: Self-Care to Reset & Taking Time for Yourself to Recharge Are you taking charge of your day? Or do competing priorities set by others leave you wondering where the time went and why your to-do list keeps getting lon- ger? In order to make progress and shrink down that list, setting boundaries is the first step to self-care. An important lesson I've learned is that self-care is a vital necessity to recharge. In keeping with self-empow- erment, pampering pop-ups create mean- ingful opportunities for focusing on how self-care leads you to being a greater asset to your peers and your best self to meet daily obligations with greater ease. GET PROACTIVE: Protecting Your Personal and Business Endeavours So you've spent all of this time dedicated to creating your ideal vision of your best life. Kudos to you! Now the important part: What PROACTIVE steps have you taken to protect your financial well-being and intellectual property? Through the Ladies Of Justice initiative, learn more about solutions to give you peace of mind, while feeling more em- powered in the long run. GET INSPIRED: Feature Writer & Small Business Specialist at IBA Success Magazine Since 2017, BizOrlando.com has been a contributing feature writer—highlighting local entrepreneurs and government. This year, the collaborative partnership with IBA Success Magazine expands with Small Business Success opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs. Tell the story and the "why" behind your vision while investing in future growth. BizOrlando.com offers additional consul- tancy options to take your endeavors to the next level and fullest potential. campsite.bio/sosartgallery www.ShopSOSArtGallery.com www.BizOrlando.com VOL 5, Issue 2 n IBASuccessMagazine.com 25