IBA SUCCESS MAGAZINE Issue 2 Volume 5 - Page 25

Phyllis has supported the Infinite Schol- ars Programs offering high school stu- dents scholarships for continuing their education for over 10 years out of Or- lando, FL and continues to do so within the Chicagoland location. In addition, she supports Orlando’s Clarita’s House, a non-profit organization with a mission to feed the homeless with young children. Ms. Horton will be their keynote Speaker at the 2019 Charity Fashion Show. COMPANY PROFILE Phyllis is the Author of a newly released book, The Sword of Life, based on the prin- ciples of Self-Love, Faith and Hope to con- quer life’s greatest challenges. Ms. Horton is a catalyst for Women Empowerment as the Founder and President of Women of Excellence and Leadership, a non-profit or- ganization founded in Orlando, FL. Women of Excellence and Leadership is a unique organization designed to bring women to the next level of their personal and pro- fessional success. More than a networking venue to enhance professional excellence, Women of Excellence and Leadership fo- cuses on the woman as a whole by nurtur- ing their unique and exceptional talents to unleash their gifts, creativity, individuality and passions to provide a path for women to excel in their personal lives and become leaders in their professional world. FAVORITE QUOTE/ INSPIRATIONAL SAYING Phyllis strongly believes in the power of our words as the driving force for success. Her inspirational saying is, “Live in the Spirit of Great Expectations Today, not the Shadows of Yesterday!” www.swordoflife.com www.woelflorida.com 708-369-4161 • pmack35@gmail.com Q & A What was one of your biggest professional or personal challenges and how did you overcome it? One of my biggest challenges in life was breaking through a personal downfall. After twenty plus years working within a top fortune 500 corporation, one morning I found myself on the opposite side of a pink slip. The Senior Executive decided they wanted to go in a different direction but was very grateful for my 20 years of service (really). Like many professionals in the midst of economic change, I was speechless. The unfortunate part of this was the unexpected timing. Personally and professionally, it was more than challenging to find other opportunities in my industry. Fast forward, a year later I found myself homeless and questioning my self-worth due to the incredible struggle of not being able to replace my income, my housing needs or support my daughters’ welfare or college education. This was a very dreadful time in my life. Overcoming the emotional and mental strain was only possible due to finding my spiritual strength and connection with my creator. The process of my healing was derived through expressing various life challenges through writing my book, The Sword of Life. Understanding my spiritual connection and healing came by way of acknowledging and using the words of scripture as it related to my life experiences and living each day by the Truth of the Word. What is a regimen you do with hopes of maintaining a balanced life? After working 60 hour weeks for more than thirty years, I have a resounding commitment to self-love. My health and my family are my primary focus. My career is a means to provide the basic needs in my life; It is not my life. I focus on scheduling weekend activities with the family, self-time alone to meditate and commit to my Sunday spiritual engagement to rejuvenate my spirit every week. What is your definition of Women Empowerment? I strongly believe that Women Empower- ment is taking a stand to not only believe in our ability to demonstrate the power of our knowledge; it is taking a stand to execute and show the world our greatness and the impact of the power we possess. We are great leaders not simply in our homes, but in our communities and even more so now in the economic arena impacting our society. Women Empowerment is showcasing our best strengths and rising to the forefront in our corporations and organizations. It’s Liberation! What words of wisdom would you offer another woman? Always believe in yourself. Live every day as your best day and walk in the Spirit of Great Expectations! VOL 5, Issue 2 n IBASuccessMagazine.com 23