IBA SUCCESS MAGAZINE Issue 2 Volume 5 - Page 24

WOMEN IN BUSINESS Phyllis Horton Women of Excellence and Leadership PROFESSIONAL BIO Phyllis Horton is the Founder and Presi- dent of Women of Excellence and Lead- ership, a member of the Central Florida Black MBA Association and a Certified Executive Coach with 25 years of Strategic Business and Executive Leadership expe- rience with fortune 500 companies.   Phyllis completed her MBA and quickly ad- vanced her career from supporting teams of 15 to 120, growing into Executive Lead- ership roles. Her passion to support the growth and development of others has resulted in more than 50 career advance- ments from entry level staff to mid-level and executive level leadership positions. She shares her passion and expertise through motivational speaking, building high performance teams and revitalizing leaders to excel within their career paths.   She has coached and developed multiple mid-level and executive level leaders who continue to thrive in their leadership roles. Communication, coaching, training and motivation are the forging principles Ms. Horton dedicates herself towards; mak- ing a difference in the lives of thousands through her development of mid-level and executive leaders. Ms. Horton is loved and undeniably sup- ported by her significant other, Charles, in all her endeavors. She is the proud moth- er of three daughters Megan (25), Morgan (22) and Charlisa (9). Phyllis has not only demonstrated great success in her profes- sional career but also prepares her daugh- ters to live in the same spirit. Megan is very successful as one of the youngest sous chefs at The Hard Rock Casino, Ft. Lauder- dale and was recognized as a Rising Star by Onyx magazine in 2018. Morgan is a 22 IBA Success Magazine n VOL 5, Issue 2 successful massage therapist preparing to launch her own company, Therapeutic Dreams. Young Charlisa is an aspiring chef and a rising star singer. Phyllis enjoys spending time with the family whenever possible, spending time at the beach and sneaking in a little time for meditation. She enjoys family bowling and tennis, often running back and forth on the tennis court with her 82 year old brother, Robert, whipping her into shape. PERSONAL BIO