IBA SUCCESS MAGAZINE Issue 2 Volume 5 - Page 23

in support of the Pan African Cultural Her- itage Initiative. PERSONAL BIO Family is very important to me. I am the mother of two of the most amazing wom- en that I know and grandmother to two of the most lovable grandsons in the world, Eric and Darrell. My oldest daughter, Car- olynn, is a social worker and lives on Long Island. The youngest daughter, Tamika (who is the boss of everyone), a retired Army Master Sargent who still works for the government, lives in DMV with her husband, my adorable son-in-law, Cecil. Also, of importance to me are my pas- sions in the community. I serve as the BOD Chair of Clarita’s House Outreach Ministry (CHOM) which feed the homeless in Cen- tral Florida. I also serve as the SE Regional Vice President and board member of In- finite Scholars Program (ISP), which facili- tates free scholarship fairs for high school seniors throughout the country. In addition, I am the Vice President of the Women of Excellence and Leadership (WOEL). I am also a member of the Central Florida Asso- ciation of Black Journalists (CFABJ) and the writer/editor of several major magazines. Whenever I can get a break, I love to travel and just relax with a good book. FAVORITE QUOTE/ INSPIRATIONAL SAYING My favorite quote or inspirational saying is PAY IT FORWARD. I did not achieve my success all by myself. And some of those people are no longer here for me to repay them or just go back and say, ‘thank you’. I will take the support that I have had and try to pay it forward whenever I can as a tribute to those that poured into me. www.lauradorsey.net Q & A What was one of your biggest professional or personal challenges and how did you overcome it? One of my biggest challenges as a young woman was recognizing that my girls were my most important priority and that every choice that I made in life had to be in relationship to their needs. They helped me walk away from an abusive relationship. They were the reason that I married a man that was a better choice for my children, than some fantasy of what I thought that love should be. What is a regimen you do with hopes of maintaining a balanced life? As I get older, most of the research tells us how important sleep is for our body. I try to get 8 hours of sleep. Depending on the deadlines, my work schedule is very hectic. If I work later, I get up later. Even if I cannot do it every night, I try to work a good sleep regimen in most nights. I realize that I cannot be any good to others if I am not good to myself. What is your definition of Women Empowerment? As a writer, it is important for me that we know the definition of the words that we use. Empowerment is defined as the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. If that is our definition, I suggest that we substitute women empowerment for personal empowerment. Each woman is on a different path in controlling her life and there is no one definition that will fit each scenario. What words of wisdom would you offer another woman? The words of wisdom that I have for another woman is to not be afraid of the ‘test’. In order to have a testimony, you first must go through the test (which is the root word of testimony). You cannot tell someone how you have overcome and expect them to relate to you if you cannot share how you have been through the fire yourself and come out on the other side. "Pay it forward." VOL 5, Issue 2 n IBASuccessMagazine.com 21