IBA SUCCESS MAGAZINE Issue 2 Volume 5 - Page 18

COVER STORY T TRANSFIRST MEDIA than the sum of its parts”. Tourism is good for the traveler as well as the economics of the destination community. Through their sister company, First Priority Marketing, they offer an array of marketing tools to clients in arenas that may not be directly tourism related. JENNIFER YON AGENCY l-r: Scott Matthews, Jennifer Yon and Heissam "I'm in" Jebailey Scott Matthews is the President of Trans- First Media. When asked what the goal be- hind the organization was, Scott indicated that the goal was creating thousands of opportunities that can be tailored to busi- nesses unique needs and goals with inter- active kiosks and customer experience. His favorite business quote is, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller. When he is not be- ing a corporate mogul, Scott enjoys sports and traveling. When asked about person- al dreams for himself, Scott would some- day like to retire successfully and share life experiences with everyone. awesome as those numbers are, what is even more impressive is that 2.52 million people actually live and work here. When those that live here look for entertainment, they usually do not attend the theme parks of the tourist. They depend on event organizers like I’m in Events. This company puts together and hosts large networking and charity events for all ages and work backgrounds year-round. They are most notably known for Black and White Week- end for BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation. The organization will be cel- ebrating their 10-year anniversary and re- union on Friday, May 10, 2019 presented by Expedia Local Expert. TEZZ MOBILE SOLUTIONS FPIS DISTRIBUTION & TRAVEL MARKETING Anjali Sivakumaran is the Principal of Tezz Mobile Solutions. She started the compa- ny she says with the goal of enhancing the quality of life in our communities with smart city solutions. She lives this daily and it is reflected in the words of her favorite quote, “If everyone is moving forward to- gether, then success takes care of itself”. The community is important to her both from a business and personal perspective When she is not running the business, she can be found educating and enhancing children’s lives. She teaches dancing and social media dangers to children. Cur- rently Anjali volunteers with Children’s Safety Village and Feeding the Children Everywhere. If she could ever find a way to tear herself away from her work in the community, she would love to be able to travel the world. I’M IN EVENTS Orlando has the distinction of setting an annual record of 72 million visitors making us America’s most visited destination. As 16 IBA Success Magazine n VOL 5, Issue 2 Betty Pratt is a legendary retired tourism marketer. But before she retired, she en- sured that her legacy would live on. That legacy does, in the form of her daughter Linda Higgins and her granddaughter Lauren Murphy. This mother-daughter duo are the co-owners of FPIS. FPIS Distribu- tion & Travel Marketing, an award-winning company, provides all the tools needed by advertisers to the tourism industry by offering both traditional and digital me- dia. FPIS was founded in Central Florida in 1967 and is owned and operated by a family for three generations. Throughout the Southeastern United States, they dis- tribute brochures and other marketing opportunities. They are known for their professional service as well as their part- nerships with numerous organizations. The duo are quoted as saying, “Partner- ships are so valuable as they allow both individuals and businesses to share their best talents. No entity can excel at all things. It is true that the whole is greater Partnership has many definitions, but none as comprehensive as that echoed by Jenni- fer Yon Agency. Their approach is focused on the power of relationships and strate- gic planning coupled with management to bring more awareness to your brand, product or organization. The boutique PR & Management Agency services clients all around the world with the philosophy of power in partnerships and the cultivation of relationships and consistency. They are accustomed to working with all industries including entrepreneurs, start-ups and na- tional organizations. The Agency does not provide a cookie cutter service because they believe that each individual client will achieve success when creativity is the force that drives the out of box thinking neces- sary for positioning the client for the win. CEO, Jennifer Yon, has a network of skilled professionals, certified experts and effec- tive communicators working on behalf of clients. The agency is driven by the philoso- phy that the client’s success is their success. The passion of the agency is the product. But after years of working with small busi- nesses, charities and national brands, the clarity of what’s needed for exposure through growth was implemented in IBA Success Magazine. IBA Success magazine is a marketing campaign geared towards promoting world-wide on a multi-level platform, the innovative action approach delivers brand awareness, build revenue streams while connecting our partner ad- vertisers to their target audience. The mis- sion is simple—to provide attractive, con- sistent and strategic advertising guidance while cultivating partner relationships. Un- like other agencies, the power of partner- ships has led Jennifer Yon Agency to cre- ate a bridge between services, products and clients. According to Yon, it is all very simple, “When You Do What You Love, It Shows”. n here is a quote that says leader- ship is the capacity to translate vision into reality. These amazing organizations do not run them- selves. The leaders of these organizations are remarkable individuals who have in- deed translated their vision into these successful companies. In an interview, we strove to understand the wizards behind the curtain: