IBA SUCCESS MAGAZINE Issue 2 Volume 5 - Page 17

ITOUCH ORLANDO PARTNERS WITH TEZZ MOBILE SOLUTIONS LLC l-r: Anjali Sivakumaran, Principal of Tezz Mobile Solutions; Linda Higgins, co-owner of FPIS Distribution & Travel Marketing; Scott Matthews, President of TransFirst Media; Heissam "I'm in" Jebailey, President of I'm in. Events. and Consulting.; Lauren Murphy, co-owner of FPIS Distribution & Travel Marketing; Jennifer Yon, CEO of Jennifer Yon Agency advertisers advanced insights into the ef- fectiveness of each campaign. In addition, the Company has partnered with three leaders in localized online booking and brochure advertising and distribution— Expedia Local Experts, Hertz and FPIS, a national distributer of brochures in hotels and high traffic areas—to ensure its kiosks will be well stocked with relevant informa- tion, promotions, and discounts from the moment they’re installed. Thanks to its innovative display systems, established distribution network, and strong partnerships with Expedia Local Experts and Hertz and the advertising distribution that is currently in place with FPIS, TransFirst Media is poised to make an immediate and significant impact in regional and national advertising land- scape, beginning by infiltrating hospital- ity and convention industry hotbeds that will maximize initial profits and brand ex- posure. Through these tactics, TransFirst Media will quickly capture a broad mar- ket share in the out-of-home advertising space, become recognized as a leader in its field, and secure significant ongoing re- turns for its investors. Though useful when visiting an unfamil- iar place, interactive digital kiosks aren’t just for visitors. Locals can benefit from digital kiosks as well, as both an invested business and an end user. In addition to showing users how to arrive at their place of business, interactive digital kiosks also provide local businesses a platform on which they are able to advertise. Promot- ing their offerings through digital kiosks allows businesses to reach a captured and highly engaged audience at a point where they are often ready and willing to make a decision. In this regard, interactive digital kiosks are able to reach those that more traditional methods, such as print, may not—especially on such a large scale. A prime example of the benefit feature is the partnership with Tezz Mobile Solutions LLC. Interactive digital kiosks also have the capability to promote upcoming local events and happenings within the com- munity, from festivals, to school events, to farmers markets, sports leagues, and oth- er opportunities for involvement. Using interactive digital kiosks as an information source affords both visitors and locals the ability to stay up-to-date and educate themselves on all of the opportunities a town has to offer. Tezz Mobile Solutions has been in the Orlando local markets for over a decade promoting local businesses, events, associations. The partnership brings our future vision of connecting Orlando Tourist corridor and Orlando Downtown with two centered visitor centers. The Central Florida community works tire- lessly to keep their economies thriving and to attract visitors—and keep them coming back. They’re also constantly tasked with effectively informing and engaging the permanent members of their commu- nities. Interactive digital kiosks provide the wayfinding, advertising, and infor- mation-sharing solutions that businesses seek, in a sleek package that is both easy to use and able to be strategically placed throughout the area. I have been at Expedia Local Expert® for more than eight years and over that time I have seen our Orlando business flourish as we enjoy working with other members of the hospitality community. The team at iTouchOrlando is a great example of that. When we met a few years ago, they had the desire to grow their advertising business and diversify in other areas. Giving them access to our Point of Sale and supply prod- ucts it contains has helped power that growth. They now operate in nearly a dozen locations in Orlando with plans to continue expanding. Not only does this relationship benefit Local Expert Orlando and iTouch, it also pro- vides additional outlets and increases distribution for our supply partners. Our goal is for our Orlando guests to have a great vacation, so we spend a large amount of time ensuring we have the right products to make that happen. With a single relationship, iTouch covers all of that. We are excited for I-touch’s future and enjoy our continuous work with them. Jon G. Epstein General Manager | Expedia Local Expert - Orlando VOL 5, Issue 2 n IBASuccessMagazine.com 15