IBA SUCCESS MAGAZINE Issue 2 Volume 5 - Page 16

COVER STORY POWER IN PARTNERSHIP PULLING FORCES TOGETHER FOR THE ULTIMATE EXPOSURE OF OUR CLIENTS By Laura Dorsey O rlando has the distinction of setting a record of 72 million visitors making us America’s most visited destination. As a visitor to a new town, one’s top priority typically falls on successfully navigating the unfamiliar territory and finding what they’re looking for—whether it’s food, shopping, or entertainment. How do you manage that massive influx of tourism into the area? One company has a unique approach to that dilemma. iTouchOrlando is a venture of TransFirst Media. TransFirst Media is an adver- tising and marketing firm with a creative and innovative digital platform. The company has created an innovative system for delivering eye-catching, high- ly-targeted digital advertisements directly to the customers most inclined to click on them. These six-foot tall displays receive and display digital advertising messaging from dozens of local and national companies and brands. The high-definition, interactive touch-screen LED “concierge kiosks” are placed in hotels, resorts, and other high traffic tourist locations. iTouchOrlando kiosks are fully inter- active, allowing customers to browse ads, search local directories, and view multimedia content with only a few touches, granting access to information, promotions, and recommendations tailored to their interests. In addition to attracting customers with visually stunning displays, iTouchOrlando kiosks pro- vides businesses with new ways to reach potential customers in real-time. TransFirst follows a proven business philosophy that it is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. In order to continually provide the best service to this vast number of visitors to the area, TransFirst Media realizes the value of partnerships. TransFirst Media has also partnered with IDT Telecom to enable each iTouchOrlando kiosk to serve as a distribution point for Boss Revolution prepaid telecom and internation- al money transfer services, valuable commodities for international travelers. Additionally, because each iTouchOrlando kiosk is fully interactive, individual kiosks will also store a wealth of data on the effectiveness of different adver- tisements, allowing the Company to compile data from multiple sites to give 14 IBA Success Magazine n VOL 5, Issue 2 VALUE ADDED – PARTNERSHIP