IBA SUCCESS MAGAZINE Issue 2 Volume 5 - Page 14

LIFESTYLE n INSPIRATION “Oh Great… Another Article on Inspiration” By Thomas “Success” Wang I know, I know. You are probably thinking, this is against the advice of all ‘inspirational’ gurus, coaches and authors. Can I be frank with you? It does not matter what those guys SAY, THINK or DO. If they made $10 million this month, bought a luxury car and a mansion, would that change your current situation? Not even a little. Let me get straight to the point. You turned to this page of the magazine and found an article talking about ‘inspiration’, possibly in the hope of finding some magic formula to finally help you create the life you have always wanted. Well I am sorry to break it to you, but this is not that type of article. So, you can stop reading if you would like. But, if you are looking for some straight-talk, get-to-the-point value then you are in the right place. It is 2019. We are living in a world where huge online retailers are building drones and robots to replace human labor. Organizations are building spaceships to take human beings to Mars, possibly to escape the robots. Computer giants are creating augmented and virtual reality to allow you to live an entirely different life, just in case you cannot make it to Mars. Yet here we are talking about inspiration. If the world you live in, the people and companies acting every day to create a dent in the universe doesn’t inspire you, then you might want to stay till the end of the article. But the only person who can decide to read the entire article is you. No one else can make that decision for you. So, if you are committed to reading until the end, then congratulations on taking another step towards your goals and aspirations. 12 IBA Success Magazine n VOL 5, Issue 2 Let’s rewind a bit, all the way back to elementary school (some of you may have to rewind further than others, but we will wait on you to catch up). Stop and think about your greatest accomplishment in your early school years. What did you accomplish that made you feel exceptional, phenomenal or even outstanding? Was it the perfect attendance trophy or kicking the winning goal? Take a moment to capture that instant in your memory. Relive it for a moment and remember all the emotions and all the glory. Now ask yourself, why did you feel the way you felt? What actions led you to that accomplishment? Was it planning, hard work, focus, or dedication? What did you have to sacrifice in order to win? Time, hard work, failure, falling, arguments, late nights, or even stress. Now return to the present moment. What inspired you to be here, to do what you have planned today? What goal are you going after? Perhaps it is paying off debt, obtaining a new promotion, closing your first client, finding the right business partner or launching your first app? Whatever you are aspiring too, what makes this process you are undergoing any different than the same steps you took to accomplish your goals in your early years? Nothing. You are still you, just a bit older and hopefully wiser. The same inspiration that drove you as a child is still in you today. The problem isn’t everyone else around us winning and accomplishing the near impossible, it’s us… thinking, planning and executing on what we set our minds to. You and I are no different in terms of inspiration; I just wrote the article and you are reading it. We are both inspired to take the action to be here. Think about the fact that we are both inspired to be here. We both had to make a conscious decision (thought) and take the time out (plan) of our day to write or read to this very point (execute). How amazing is that? I will tell you a secret and you can call it a magic formula if that is what you are really looking for. This article is a part of my bigger vision of becoming a world- renowned author, speaker and coach. I thought, planned and executed this published piece. Manifested, Motivated, Master-minded… is that even a word? So here we are at the end and I will share one more thing. The fact is that statistically 95% of people who read articles, books, magazines like these never think, plan or execute what is advised. But I am excited to know that you are not the 95%. You are not even the 5%. You are the amazing 1%. The 1% of people who make it to the end of articles, books, blogs and courses just to realize that you have had it within you the whole time. You can accomplish anything you want in life because from our early years until now, all we have been doing is simply thinking, planning and executing our decisions. Decisions create results. So, decide now, what is it that you want to accomplish today and how will that accomplishment align with the bigger goal and vision. Then simply execute. P.S.: Quit making excuses. I sure did not, and that is why you get to have an article to read. n Thomas "Success" Wang The "Exceptional" Coach ThomasSuccessWang.com Y ou do not need more motivation. You do not need more coaching. You do not need more courses. You do not need more books. You do not need more personal development. What you do need is to quit making excuses and execute.