#i2amru (I, Too, Am Reinhardt) Volume 1 Number 1

#i2amRU #i2amRU I, Too, Am Reinhardt Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2015 A magazine about cultural A magazine focusing upon the culturaldiversity and intercultural diversity of Reinhardt communication in the Reinhardt University Community Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2015 A publication of the Reinhardt University Communication Programs Get to know the life stories about RU students and faculty Special section on Athletes at Reinhardt Special section on STUDY ABROAD Vanessa Irie is a May, 2015 graduate with a double Vanessa Irie, born in major in Global raised in Rome, Italy, and Communication and Sociology. Born Cote d’Ivoire of Africa, is a in Rome, Italy, anddouble in May 2015 graduate raised the Côte d’Ivoire inCommumajoring in Global Africa, she speaks fluent French and nication and Sociology. English. 1