I Used to do That for a Living; Landing and Leaving 108 Jobs Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 - Page 31

I Used to do that for a Living them way more than he hated the Germans, felt that one world was not big enough for both a U.S.A. and a U.S.S.R., and insisted that the Russians’ sole aim was to conquer America, absorb it into the Soviet Bloc, and force every citizen to renounce God. Jack was of one mind and one accord with Joe McCarthy, the House Un-American Activities Committee, the John Birch Society, and such anti-communist preachers as C.W. Burpo, Billy James Hargis, and Carl McIntyre— the progenitors of the Religious Right. They regarded all civil rights leaders and protesters, Catholics, modernists, liberals, trade-unionists, intellectuals, and foreigners, foreign and domestic, as Soviet pawns. Jack and the guys he listened to on the radio believed that by watching the Jews they could divine God’s encrypted itinerary, learn in advance when Jesus planned to appear like a thief in the night to rapture away the godly in the twinkling of an eye. They saw every news item about the Middle East as proof positive that the Rapture was imminent. The Cold War was the Book of Revelation being played out on the world stage, with the U.S.S.R. as the great bear and the U.S.A. as the great pale horse or some shit. Those duck-and-cover drills we kids did at 22