I Used to do That for a Living; Landing and Leaving 108 Jobs Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 - Page 27

I Used to do that for a Living a solidly established population when we moved out. But it seemed to me that the main reason we moved, at least during the growing season, was that we never owned a lawnmower, and couldn’t afford to pay a kid to mow the yard, so the places where grass remained (we generally wore most of the yard bald immediately upon assuming occupancy) became wildly overgrown. The landlord would ask Jack to mow the yard, which Jack would ignore. Sometime thereafter, the landlord would either dispatch somebody to mow the yard, or show up in person to do the job. There would be a confrontation, Jack would make the landlord eat dirt, and the landlord would order us to vacate. But by then the place would be a wreck anyway. We were the final occupants of many a house. After we were done with them, there was nothing left worth having. We put many a landlord out of the rental business. And we were usually a car’s last users, too, unless you count the junk yard man. Here’s my theory of how Jack got to be such a poor excuse for (and example of) an employee, a renter, a neighbor, a member of the motoring public. It was Hitler’s fault. Except for that fucker, Jack would not have been drafted at the age of eighteen. And there was no other way he was 18