I Used to do That for a Living; Landing and Leaving 108 Jobs Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 - Page 17

Roger Scott Jackson company, I was handed an office-supply catalog and told to take my pick of the desks, chairs, and whatever else might speed my personal plow. I felt like a million bucks. Of course, I still got canned after two years. But in the interim I was very comfortable. And felt . . . worthy. Right up to when they threw me out. A bad organization is one that fails to properly recognize and reward its employees, that fails to address their concerns, that is poorly run, that treats people like chattel; it’s a poor neighbor, a poor corporate citizen; it skirts the law; it cannot sustain itself; it plays fast and loose with the livelihood and well-being of its workers. A bad boss? Now, there’s a whole ‘nuther book. But I will say this: some people rise to the top because scum floats. Bad co-workers. Another book. Some people remain at the bottom because shit sinks. All the things that make any person unpleasant to be around go double in the workplace: sullenness, rudeness, stupidity, obstinacy, bigotry, contentiousness, strong odors, bossiness, the tendency to pontificate, superiority, condescension . . . As a rule, a co-worker’s laziness is more the boss’s problem. More power to ‘em, right up to where their indolence makes my job harder. 9