I Used to do That for a Living; Landing and Leaving 108 Jobs Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 - Page 15

Roger Scott Jackson some sixteen years, though I held many day-jobs during that time. I first entered college at fifteen through Upward Bound, a federally funded program aimed at giving underprivileged kids a shot at higher education (the present-day Upward Bound is only marginally related to its 1970s antecedent). I attended college on-and-off for many years, changed schools and fields of study as the spirit moved me, and finally graduated in my forties with a degree in English. When I entered college I was younger than my classmates; when I exited I was older than my teachers. I never drew a particularly strong corollary between undergraduate education and employment, between college and career. I went to college for lear ????????????)?????????Q???e???????]??????U???????)M?????????1?????????]??????M???U???????)?????M????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????$????????????)?????????)e??????e??????????????????????????????????????????????????????%??????????$)????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????9?????????????????????????????????????????????(?((0