I HONESTLY THINK September 2014 - Page 81

Cue parents, soaring in to protect their young ones from any internet site out there that could potentially contain disastrous images of erotica.

But why so intrigued at an age where testosterone is at its lowest? My proposition? Lack of communication with the subject of sexual intercourse from parents and lack of ‘real’ information from the teaching curriculum.

Surely it would be better to teach them what it is really like and where everything goes (if you get what I mean) and indulge in the awkwardness rather than them be encouraged to watch porn as they feel they could make a mistake 3 years down the line and be bullied for the rest of their school life.

I spoke to my boyfriend recently as this was really bothering me – how did he know what to do on our first time? The answer? “I learnt it from watching porn”. To say that I was utterly disturbed was an understatement – my first time was with a boy who got his moves from a porno? Lovely!

But then it clicked, we were never actually taught what to do with the penis, or where to put it or when it was even

the right time to have sex. We were simply just told not to get pregnant when we weren’t even sure how to begin the baby making process in the first place.

I realised if it wasn’t for porn my first time would have been an utter disaster but as a result it was passionate, loving and everything I expected – except from the gut wrenching pain of course, which school also failed to mention, might I add.

Porn is probably one the most controversial subjects for parents, wives and girlfriends everywhere but truth be told if that man in your life didn’t watch it, you wouldn’t have any grandchildren and any outstanding sex, ever!

We moan that porn is ruining children and I 100% agree, so as a result it is time for parents and teachers to step in and show the younger generation where to do it, when to do it, how to stay protected and more importantly where to put the damn thing!

Hannah Dell

Photo: stevetaubman.com