I HONESTLY THINK September 2014 - Page 80

You want to put your

what in my where?

It’s happening. Practically any time, any place and anywhere. Yes, right now numerous amounts of people are getting jiggy with their clothes off and there is definitely no denying it.

Some declare that not only is it happening wherever and whenever, it is also happening to whomever and we should put a stop to this senseless generation of mindless mums and reckless fathers.

So, when should we finally feel brave enough to bare all to a loved one under candlelight?

Since 2012, the amount of teenage pregnancies (meaning girls from 13-17 years of age) have actually decreased. According to the Office for National Statistics, a total of 26,157 girls between 15 and 17 fell pregnant in England in 2012. 49.1% of these teenage girls had abortions while there were 59.8% of under 16 year olds also having abortions. The rate has surprisingly dropped by 8.2% since 2012 but more people are becoming sexually active, encouraging us to worry that the dreadful day will come a lot sooner than expected for our younger relatives or companions.

However, we all know pregnancy isn’t the only thing on the cards and more sex commonly means more sexually transmitted infections. Chlamydia has remained the most common STI due to it being symptomless but cases were down 12% in both sexes while genital herpes has risen to 9% in men to 757 cases and 4% in women to 3,388.

So there’s all the boring numbers, but despite all this information dispersed to students in secondary school, influencing advice on sexual intercourse and common diseases, surprisingly, it is still a subject that most parents seem to avoid at all costs.

But we need to talk about it! Sex doesn’t have to be the word that stuns every parent or older sibling into shock at the slightest mention, it should be turned into what it was originally intended to be used for. Making a baby symbolised love and passion and the eternity of one’s relationship. Don’t get me wrong, it has certainly created a bad name for itself but we don’t all have to turn into giggling hyenas as soon as those 3 letters are said.

To address this ever continuing issue, maybe we should go into more detail about what sex actually is and how to do it. None of these animated videos that you are made to watch in year 6, where you are all far too young to take passing wind seriously, let alone two naked cartoonists writhing against each other.

At the age of 10, boys are still gross and girls are still high pitched maniacs, which means a sex education lesson in primary school is definitely the wrong time to be addressing this situation.

Secondary school will be the time where all those naughty words that parents have forever kept hidden will finally be revealed and no doubt if they’re not being taught about sex, they’re definitely hearing about it from their peers. At the age of 13, testosterone begins to spurt and a boy is ultimately seeking to discover when and how they ‘become a man’. With such a dominant hormone desperate to be noticed inside of them, it’s no wonder they seek the desire to find out exactly what its powers are.

The average age of first exposure to pornographic images for boys is 11 and to me that seems drastically young.

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