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Milica Obradovic is the 23 year old behind the blog "Moi Minnie' and blogs from Belgrade, Serbia. Milica oozes style and sophistication with her chic and minimalistic ensembles that have given her a signature style and succesful blog. We chatted about all things fashion and found out about some of her style icons as well as her fail-safe outfit.

Has fashion always been a passion of yours?

Pretty much. Even in kindergarten, I've always been picking out my own outfits. My mom would roll her eyes at them most of the time but I'm grateful that I had that freedom of choosing my own clothes.

Why do you love fashion?

I wouldn't exactly say I'm a die hard fan – I appreciate personal style and individuality more than trends and 'it' things in fashion. I love the freedom of expressing oneself through clothing and being creative with what you wear.

Style crush?

- The Olsens and Edie Sedgwick, always. I love Ashley's sophisticated look, Mary-Kate's effortless outfits and Edie's perfected minimalism of the 60's.

To what degree do you feel your style shows your personality?

I'm not sure that you can tell much about someone by looking at how they're dressed (never judge a book by its cover), but it certainly does reflect my mood and the things I'm into at the moment.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not taking outfit posts and blogging?

When I am not busy working on my blog or the social networks, I try to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends though I always enjoy the occasional moment of solitude.

Do you study fashion?

I have been studying fashion for the past four years in Belgrade. The last year has been spent working on my final project which, once done, will mark the start of a new chapter for my career.

Your fail-safe, go-to outfit that makes you feel comfortable and stylish?

Black jeans, white T-Shirt (or a button-up), black flats or pointed heels, red lipstick. You can never go

What inspired you to create ‘Moi Minnie’?

Before I opened my blog I used to take pictures of my daily outfits, flat lays of clothes and accessories and store them on my laptop or print them out and tape them in my 'style diary', along with photos and magazine cutouts of things that inspired me. When I discovered it was possible to actually do the same thing in the digital world, I thought it'd be fun to give it a shot and share my style and personal taste with other people.

Where do you source inspiration for your outfits?

- I can be inspired by anything, it depends on my mood, current likings etc. For me, it's not only about the visual aspect, but also the vibe I get off of things and that I want to translate into my outfits.

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