I HONESTLY THINK September 2014 - Page 55


Ella Gerry. 16. South West London.

A combo of fashion, nature and some delicious looking food is always a good thing. She can make her own sushi too #talented

Picture credit: http://instagram.com/ellagerry


Shiona Turini.

Fashion at its finest. A regular on street-style blogs, this girl is frickin' cool.

Picture credit: http://instagram.com/shionat


Perth, Australia. Girl boss at The Backwall.

This girl can rock the hell out of oversized sunnies, has majorly gorge ombré hair (the colour contantly changes - how fun!) and can eat man-sized portions of food and maintain a tiny figure...we have a strong love/hate relationship with the last bit.

Picture credit: http://instagram.com/krystalboydpriest