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Though it would annoy me because I'm a big believer in: if you haven't got anything nice to say then don't say it at all. I would never go on to someone's blog with the intention of being horrible for the sake of it. That would give me no pleasure and I feel only pity for those who do get pleasure out of being horrible - what a sad life they must lead.

Where do you source inspiration for your outfits?

The obvious like magazines, blogs, tumblrs and online shops. But also people on the street and not always trendy youngsters, a lot of the time I'm more likely to become inspired by an older man or woman It can also be by just seeing a certain colour combination or a print - that can just as easily set off an idea.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not taking outfit posts and blogging?

I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend and my family. I love just taking time out to play with my nephew. Children really are such a gift, they remind us not to always take things too seriously, to have fun and use our imagination. I also like to make time to do simple things, like paint my nails, flip through a magazine or read a book and check out my favourite online shops and blogs.

Why do you love fashion?

I love all the new ideas that come with fashion and how it has the ability to inspire people whether they realise it or not. I like to look at different aspects of fashion and take what I can to incorporate it into my own style.

Do you study fashion?

No I haven't and nor am I.

you’d love to have

I used to say croc shoes and I can't stand body-con dresses with platform heels, a uniform that so many woman wear, but now I try to stand by my never say never motto.

How does your individual sense of style influence your outlook on trends in magazines?

I don't really know. I don't think it does. I'm very open to new ideas and I love looking to magazines for their interpretation of new trends.

Your fail-safe, go-to outfit?

It would probably be either a striped top, boyfriend jeans, my most adored bag and jewellery with some comfortable yet stylish shoes; likely a pair of brogues. Or a white slightly oversized shirt styled with pretty much anything always looks awesome.

How long does it take you to put an outfit together in the morning?

It depends, if I'm starting from scratch and if I'm having a good day probably twenty minutes? I don't really know, never really timed it before. But a lot of the time I plan ahead what I'm going to wear, to save all that messing around.

Favourite fashion designer?

Well it can change from season to season but the more consistent designers that I keep coming back to are Margaret Howell for her classic and always chic designs. Acne Studios, especially for their edgy takes on classic footwear. The Row and even though its too expensive for me right now, I still love the aesthetic - it's always clean, minimal and chic in the way they subtlety push boundaries. It's also no secret I have a thing for

Is there someone in the fashion industry that you’d love to have a conversation with?

So many! That's a tricky one. Probably Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. I know that is kind of a predictable answer but they really do intrigue me; their transition has been pretty incredible. I would also love to have a conversation with Kanye West, he comes across as such a character, his way of thinking is interesting.

What advice would you give to girls and guys that can’t figure out their sense of style yet?

Don't worry about it, not everyone has to have a set style. I don't think I do, the idea seems so constrictive and that's no fun. Wear what you want but just always try and put your own unique twist on it and I find the best way to do that is with accessories. Also when you buy something new, pair it with something a lot older, this will give your look a more unique edge.

Are you inspired and/or influenced more by catwalks or street style?

I'd say I'm inspired by both pretty equally, though I do look at more street style but I think that's because there's more of constant updated feed of streetstyle whereas the catwalk is only a few times a year. I also like that we can now see how pieces from the catwalk are worn on the streets, it creates a nice medium between the two to be inspired by.

What risks do you take when it comes to fashion?

I really love playing with different proportions and creative layers, seeing what boundaries I can push within myself and my own style. I like the challenge of taking something that's used for ordinary use and styling it in a slightly more unexpected way.

Is there a piece of clothing/footwear etc. that you’d never wear?

DENOUEMENT, the designer behind the brand, Kaylee Cho is so talented and I'm always intrigued to see what she'll do next.

What’s on your wishlist at the moment?

Everything! [laughs] Lots of knitwear, two-pieces in particular; one is by Isabel Marant and the other by Acne studios. Those damn high waist saint Laurent jeans, which are impossible to get hold of! And I'm currently deciding between a pair of boots by MM6 Maison Martin Margiela & Acne. Both are black, both are chunky & both are awesome.

To what degree do you feel your style shows your personality?

Many aspects of my personality come through in my outfit. Even though I'm an introvert, once you get past that shyness you'll learn that I'm an open-minded person (trying new styles & fashions) and creative (layers & proportions). I appreciate the simple things in life (minimalism), I love history (revisiting styles from different eras). These are some of the aspects that define how my personality and style intertwine.

Do your friends and/or family dress similarly to you?

My mum, my sister and I have our own individual taste but we can all take inspiration from each other.

How do they react to your individual dress sense?

I'm probably a little more daring and sometimes they will make funny comparisons about what I'm wearing but I think that helps keep me grounded and reminds me not to take it all so seriously - dressing and individual style should always have an element of fun.

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