I HONESTLY THINK September 2014 - Page 19

rich cream, mixed in with delicate sheer and metallic fabrics stood out significantly. Without a doubt, the key pieces were the gorgeous silk dresses which pooled around the models legs and moved like water as they made their way around the runway. The sheer sleeves and cut outs on the garments gave them just a slight hint of allure, with the hem lines shorter at the front and scooping down at the back, giving the silky fabrics a modern edge. There was a particularly intriguing motif that adorned each of the dresses: a circle of thorns. Of course this ties in perfectly with the ‘sacraments’ theme and surprisingly looked completely at home within a decidedly modern collection.

The models were accessorised with a myriad of exquisite hats, all made of felt with a wide brim and finished with a deep red cord, gold chain or large feathers. Although they had a retro feel to them, they added a sense of charm to the outfits which would be missed if replaced with anything else. Of course the shoes were the work of Lucy Choi and each pair was as gorgeous as the next. They were an unusual mixture of lace up boots with a pointed toe and nude caged stilettos but always dainty and completely feminine.