I HONESTLY THINK September 2014 - Page 18


After excitedly bustling out of the lift and into the quickly filling room within the beautiful ME London hotel, I was surprised to be met by a scene of complete serenity. The catwalk that would soon be showcasing the ‘summer sacraments collection’ - collaboration by Gabriel Vielma and Lucy Choi, was set within a pyramid shaped, marble walled room. It was filled with the sound of a soothingly chilled track and mesmerising projections of jellyfish and ripples ascending up the walls.

However, just before anyone got a little too relaxed, the mood was turned onto its head as the contrasting sound of ‘When a fire starts to burn’ by Disclosure brought everyone to attention.

Vielma’s collection was a striking contrast of modern fabrics and classic silhouettes. My absolute favourite feature to his designs was the way that he captured elegance in modern day outfits completely effortlessly. Nowadays it seems as though we want everything to be as quick and simple as the touch of a button, and the same can be said for our clothes. There is nothing more appealing than a beautiful outfit, that is simple, timeless and fuss free.

The colour palette for the collection ran from vibrant gold to a deep red; however varying shades of