I HONESTLY THINK September 2014 - Page 10



Cassandra Verity Green is a freshly launched London-based knitwear label. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2013, Green was the winner of Grazia's 'FashFactor' competition in collaboration with liberty and has recently showcased her SS15 collection at LFW fashion scout during the ‘One’s to watch’ catwalk show.

Green lends herself to extremely technical and labour intensive techniques. This season Cassandra Verity Green collaborated on her SS15 collection with the knitting machinery company, Santoni Shanghai and this enabled her to create a fresh and energetic handcrafted aesthetic.

Green believes that the wearer of her designs should have an experience with the clothes and that fashion should not be taken too seriously; this was later demonstrated in her SS15 collection with details such as bright turquoise and pillar-box red wigs which finished the outfits off in a fun and quirky manner.

The theme of sea life was evident in the colour scheme used: bright corals reminiscent of aquatic animals and light ‘sea’ blue. Swirls of varying sizes –some of which suggestive of waves and others of sand patterns - were the backdrop to dresses and funky leg wear. A textured blue and green shearling fur collar was similar in surface design to that of seaweed.

Eccentric white leather tied ‘leg cuffs’ completed outfits and structured, round blue ‘water bubble’ bags added to the water life theme.

Moreover, the use of transparent PVC in a matching red-trimmed skirt and jacket ensemble created a unique look whilst sticking to the aquatic theme with its water-like, wet appearance.