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Not much is known about this aircraft. It lies at a depth of 16 mtrs. at Mplefoyti. It is possible that it has been dragged up unto the shallows by a

fishing trawler. Sadly, only the central fuselage section and wing stubs are to be found. The interior section is very intact and many aspects on the

navigator/bombardiers work station are evident. It is easy to imagine the cramped working stations of the crew from the remains. The over wing

observation windows allow light to enter into the interior which is covered in a concretion of red and orange. There are many small fish living

within the fuselage section and under the wings.

Care is required when entering as there are many cables hanging down and the unwary diver could be entangled. The conditions allow for a long

dive and a great opportunity to record this iconic WW2 Aircraft. Upright on a grassy/sandy plain, the wreckage is bathed in strong sunlight and is

a haunting vision of World War 11.The aircraft as yet has not been identified, but clues must abound.