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There is now doubt that the wreck has been well dispersed. Several accounts of her salvage and indeed that of Intrepid and Euro abound. One

recalls a company being contracted to raise the vessels and another was that “freelancers” set about stripping the wrecks. Whichever story is true

Intrepid and Euro are no more and Olga is a veritable scrapyard.

The most prominent section is what appears to be her bow, which is vertical, and stands a couple of metres proud of the seabed. Hence onward the

wreckage is scattered over a wide area and consists of plates and piping. Occasionally a recognisable feature appears, such as the gun mountscircular

cog tracks fore and aft, although it is difficult to distinguish the stern-the wreckage simply disappears into the sand.

The entire wreck is criss crossed with fishing wire, and this makes any close up inspections difficult. Visibility is not crisp as with the wrecks

outside of the harbour. Sea bed in the region of 36 metres and there are a few bream around the wreck. Because of its location in the harbour

special permission has to be obtained to dive the wreck.