Human Growth & Development Workbook

FOUNDATIONS OF NURSING Human Growth & Development WORKBOOK INSTRUCTIONS This workbook has been developed to be used in conjunction with classroom lectures and the Growth and Development Study Guide. Completion of this workbook will provide the student with a resource that will be useful throughout the Bachelor of Nursing programme. The main focus of the workbook is human growth and development through the lifespan, however the student will be asked to examine the role of the nurse within a New Zealand context, including: sociocultural and legal-ethical considerations; and aspects of the health promotion role of the nurse. SECTIONS Foreword 2 Prenatal Development 4 Infancy & Toddlerhood 12 Early Childhood 18 Middle Childhood 24 Adolescence 30 Early Adulthood 36 Middle Adulthood 38 Late Adulthood 40 End of Life 42