Human Futures No. 2 May 2018 - Page 50

world. ‘‘I am not alone’’ and ‘‘my work is valuable’’ are the most powerful tools anyone can have. The other crucial issue is to encourage men to see how the patriarchal culture exploits their humane capabilities by imposing the masculinist role model upon them as well as free themselves from their ties to work together with women towards more whole-humane humanity. The sharing of innovative ideas without monetary compensation (like the LINUX- program system in computers) all around the women’s groups is very important resource. Maybe some instance could construct a dictionary of sustainable innovations. The other important duty is to create loose networks among women’s groups globally. The organizations are very valuable especially in national and international politics, but they need the support of grass roots, cross-societal and cross-cultural ‘‘light’’ networks. These networks can be only temporary, project character or long lasting. Their advantage is the ability to react very quickly. 4. Alternative futures and scenarios Q: What could currently be identified as the alternative futures/scenarios for women’s/gender futures? VUOKKO JARVA: The dominance of women or female culture on this planet does not seem an alternative: it would not necessarily change the hierarchic structures. Riane Eisler’s ‘‘partnership society’’ is a good model in itself. The problem is how to interpret it. One must remember, that there are spheres of the male and the female in all dimensions of our culture and life. One should not forget either, that there are negative aspects in the female culture as well. These ‘‘yang and yin’’ aspects should be balanced to create a more humane global village. The worst possible scenario is naturally, that the present blind secular religion of monetism and economic efficiency causes the apocalypse where women are destroyed as well as men. The second scenario of horror is that, when the present Western dominance is accumulated even more male dominated or some day changedinto e.g. Eastern male dominance, the positive development of recent decades stops and the women’s situation gets worse. One optimistic scenario is that this wave of patriarchal globalization is only a wave and will be proactively reversed some day to more humane, especially if people working for humaneness do not give up and become hopeless. 5. Feminism Qs: Is feminism still relevant in today’s day and age as a visionary ideology and social movement for individual, local and global futures? VUOKKO JARVA: Feminism has been, and still is, an important visionary ideology and worldview, which has, and is, creating tools for liberating women and, even more, men, too from the gender prisons the present cultures favour. It will be needed in developing variations as long as there exists discriminative segregation and domination on basis of gender. Feminism is as well a point of view, which already has fertilized several other welcomed developments, for example men’s research and search of new, humane masculinity. 6. Women’s talk Q: Can we still talk about ‘women’ (women’s issues, priorities, visions for the future, etc.) as a group? Is there a multiplicity of women’s and feminist visions for the future? VUOKKO JARVA: We need women’s talk for several purposes. First of all it is necessary to empower ourselves and other women to see themselves in a more relevant way than the dominant masculinist worldviews mirror. 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