Human Futures No. 2 May 2018 - Page 46

Memories at a distance... BESTUZHEV-LADA, Igor Vasilyevich, Russia LINSTONE, Harold Adrian (HAL), Germany GHABBOUR, Samir, Egypt BESTUZHEV-LADA, IGOR VASILYEVICH Russia Born in Penza Governorate, 12 January 1927 Doktor Nauk in History in Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Soviet Sociologist, in Institute of Sociology. Order of Honour, Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” II class, Order of Friendship, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR Death in Moscow, 6 December 2015 This is sad news, to hear yet another of the first generation has passed. Igor was one of the first Federation members that I met, in Stockholm, and one of the warmest, most genuine people I have ever met. He was always kind and gracious, and remembered me by name as a young futures student, and that impressed the hell out of me. We often saw him at world conferences, of course, and in Dubrovnik in spring courses. When he came to the Hawaii world conference, he asked to be taken to the university through downtown and was keenly interested in landmarks and Hawaiiana. STEVENSON, Tony, Australia KALAS KOSZEGI, Maria, Hungary My fondest recollection was his time and generosity when I visited him in Moscow, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He invited me to his apartment for dinner, and he undoubtedly spent most of his monthly pension, very meager at the time, on that meal. I will miss him. Aloha -Christopher Burr Jones, Ph.D. HAROLD ADRIAN LINSTONE (HAL), Germany JARVA, Vuokko, Finland PAIGE, Genn D., United States RUBIN, Anita, Finland TAUB, Larry, Israel STEVENSON, Tony, Australia Herbert Anthony (Tony) Stevenson, former president of the World Futures Studies Federation (1997-2001), died July 28 in Noosa, Australia. He was 80. Stevenson was introduced to futures studies while working toward his master’s degree in communications at the University of Hawaii. He then integrated futurism into his work upon returning to Australia, creating a research center that focused on the future of communications at the Queensland University of Technology. “He was one of the founders of futures studies in Australia,” said Sohail Inayatullah, whom Stevenson also helped start the Noosa Institute for the Future, which later became Metafuture. Read more at Courier-Mail or Sohail Inayatullah’s Facebook post July 29, 2017. His is very distressing news. I agree with all who have written here before me today about the importance of Tony as Secretary General and then President of the WFSF at a crucial time in its history. Tony was quiet, polite, supportive and yet bold and daring in his way as well. He was one of the first graduate students outside of those in the political science department of the University of Hawaii to show a sustaining interest in 46 MALASKA, Pentti, Finland ELMANDJRA, Mahdi, Mororcco futures studies. He was in the Communications Department of UH, in the late 1970s-early 1980s and so took futures with him back to the Communications Department of Queensland Institute of Technology (later, Queensland University of Technology) in Brisbane where he and some others spearheaded the extensive and impressive development of futures studies in Australia. Tony arranged a lecture tour for me in 1987 that enabled me to experience the quiet dynamism of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for the first time. He also provided several other opportunities for me to visit that blessed country, including the next year, 1988, with Rosemary, and Mack who celebrated his 3rd birthday during a conference on Australia’s Communication Futures, in Brisbane. Nothing is more painful than to see one’s students die before oneself, and Tony’s death is especially painful for me. It is not fair at all for him to die and me to live! - Jim Dator Tony was certainly one of the first to make a big impact in Australia in futures studies and was one of my early mentors in the field. And Tony as WFSF S-G and then President, along with Cesar as S-G, made a huge impact in bringing futures studies beyond Australia to the Asia-Pacific region. From his hub at the Communications Department at QUT in Brisbane, he hosted the big Brisbane WFSF Conference in 1997, which many of us attended. He was also a key player in hosting futures workshops, courses and Conferences in Australia and South East Asia over many years. And Tony was very instrumental in also dramatically increasing the non-Anglo-European membership of WFSF during the 1990s. He was, as others have said, a warm and supportive, yet courageous person, and a great friend to many. I was aware he had been ill for some time, but not how seriously ill he was. He kept that fairly quiet. Tony will be greatly missed by many of us. -Jennifer Gidley M AY 2 0 1 8 Hal founding and long-continuing editorship of TFSC and various books and articles about methods, especially the Delphi, made him one of the most important futurists in terms of establishing the academic base of futures studies. 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