Human Futures No. 2 May 2018 - Page 42

CURATOR, PROVIDENTIA’s PROSPECTUS: 18 TRENDS WOMEN ARE WATCHING IN 2018 How & why I become a futurist I have been working as a futurist unofficially since around 2003 when I in an effort to justify my what I thought were crazy ideas -- discovered that there was such a thing as Futures Studies and the World Future Society. Hallelujah! My first formal entry into the futures community was both exciting and daunting. I remember attending my first World Futures Society Conference back in 2004 and feeling excited about being in a room full of people who were actively studying the future. But I was the only Black woman in a room of over 500 people – who were not particularly friendly and welcoming, so it was daunting. Even though as an engineer, I was used to being the only one in the room. Nonetheless, I was there on purpose and for a purpose, and I decided to make the best of it. My goal in joining was to find research to justify my thesis that one could study the future the way one studied history, and use the study of the future to improve long range planning. As an engineer, I had the tools of simulation to assist with the economics of finance or planning development policies and projects. However, how did I go about synthesizing the social and emotional and spir GV7V7G2bVW7FV6P( 2ƖRRB76Bv2ג&VƖVbFB( FWfVVB&Vv0vF7FFRb֖N( FB&VVBRF6VVVVvBv2`FW67&&rFגVW'2vV6֖2FWfVVBrv0B67V66W76gVB66VvVW&rגf&FVFFRv&@bgWGW&W27GVFW2v2FVRF&'F&Fv6gBFPFWfVVB767F6RGW7G'( 2v62v6vFV6֖70BVFW'6( w&WF( 4$RT4C G"6&RV62FRfVFW"B6VbFVFVFW"bFRgWGW&W2f'VFVvBVFW'6&7F6Rv6&FW2B6GV7G27G&FVv2f&W6vBBFVw&FWfVVB67VFrvF'F7V"FW&W7Bv&6VvW26R26FVFVFW"B&W6FVBbFR&&Bf"FWfVVBf&W6vB7FGWFRFFF&6V@FR6&&&V"TeUEU$U0C