Human Futures No. 2 May 2018 - Page 38

INTRODUC- TION TO FORWARD THEATER Alethia Berenice Montero Baena Psychofutuartist M AY 2 0 1 8 Potentialities of this Fine Art, Theater, have resulted in an integrative, holistic manner of coordinating groups through action. Telling stories as scenarios and fitting in alternative ways to build them emerges in Forward Theater. It is not the same to think about scenarios as acting them. Living them. Created from human groups to human groups, each strengthens itself. Making up the roles we play in life, everybody being actors at a time turns this resource into a therapeutic pedagogical process. Human reality and experience working with spontaneity, imagination, creativity, are assembled as the reflection of the created futures becoming a prospective teaching method, an existential via to build futures. Forward Theater, thus, is a means of Futures Studies like a way of being, not just of doing. Then this work explains the methodology of Forward Theatre (FT) as well as its utility on Futures Studies (FS). In Latin America, it is used Prospective as the subject of studying futures. Forward Theatre as the primary tool of a new branch of Psychology, Anticipatory Psychology or Psicoprospective with its brief description and where does FT come from along with the virtues of its source, are first related. The necessary manner of proceeding in this mentions three parts of the structure: warming up, theater techniques and evaluation. Fundamental techniques FT are described. It is presented in broad terms the cases of an application under an academic situation, what essential elements have been found within the course of these activities and it ends the importance of looking at the future “face to face.” Theater radiates a particular fascination. Among three walls it is developing a complete artistic expression in which several possibilities can be exposed: to draw the scenography, express feelings that cannot show up other ways, sing, dance, whole attainment of the human being. And the reaffirmation of person. ANTECEDENTS WHAT IS FORWARD THEATRE? Within all Prospective methodologies, techniques, methods we have found that Forward Theater applies in an integrative manner a grouping of techniques and methods in its elaboration. It ends in a representation lived by the characters themselves that build their future and also including therapeutical appliances. With these functional elements, Forward Theater is executed after a previous sensitization. This is through some exercises which will end in a play and will help eliminate inhibitions and flourish creativity. Exploring Forward Theater is an open incitement for everybody interested. Prospective and theater open infinite possibilities that could be generated collectively. HUMAN FUTURES Prospective is action. Without action, there is only discourse. Action changes our way of acting in the world; changes paradigms, attitudes, ways of thinking, it drops us out of the box we are submerged in with no creative or different answers, just vicious cycles. Two main issues mark the point of departure of FT: • The theater is one of the Fine Arts which potentialities have resulted in an integrative, holistic manner of coordinating groups through action • Jacobo Levy Moreno, a Romanian- Viennese psychiatrist in 1921, established the Improvisation Theater with the idea of therapeutical possibilities through the release of unsettled emotional situations by representing them in an active and structured manner In a few words, Levy met Freud and once, the first told the other: …well Dr. Freud, I begin where you met people. You bring people to artificial sites, as their office, I do it in the street, at their homes, or in natural places. You analyze their dreams. I give them the