Human Futures No. 2 May 2018 - Page 2

Our Membership LONG TERM BIG PICTURE RADICAL CHANGE WFSF membership includes scholars, teachers, researchers, foresight practitioners, policy analysts, activists, students and others with a long-range view. Members include women, men and young people from all corners of the globe. Our membership is transdisciplinary and very culturally diverse as you can see from the distribution of members on our map above. We also collaborate with dozens of futures- focused organizations all over the world and invite applications for institutional membership from suitably qualified organizations who have a professional interest in world futures. Some of our Institutional Members who offer Futures courses are featured in this issue. In This Issue Guillermina Baena Peter Bishop Johan Galtung Johanne Margrethe Hartwig Lucio Henao Tom Lombardo Alethia Berenice Montero Baena Luis Ragne Richard Slaughter Javier Vitale 04 06 10 14 18 22 26 28 32 38 42 46 52 54 Our Contributors Claire A. Nelson HUMAN FUTURES Editor/Curator Guillermina Baena Guillermina Baena Art Director/Designer Kelly Kornet Other Contributions See Contributors Page © World Futures Studies Federation Letter from the President — ERIK F. ØVERLAND The Place of Humankind 2050— JOHANNE MARGRETHE HARTWIG The Importance of Hardanger Academy — JOHANNE MARGRETHE HARTWIG State of the World — JOHAN GALTUNG Prospecta Argentina 2017— LUIS RAGNO & JAVIER VITALE Future Consciousness: The Evolution of an Idea — THOMAS LOMBARDO Teach the Future: The Rationale — PETER BISHOP To See With Fresh Eyes: Integral Futures and the Global Emergency — RICHARD SLAUGHTER Andean Ancestral Futures Thinking — LUCIO HENAO Introduction to Forward Theatre — ALETHIA BERENICE MONTERO BAENA Curator, Providentia’s Prospectus — CLAIRE A. NELSON Memories at a Distance Book Reviews WFSF Countries & Members 2018 Human Futures Magazine WFSF has published a magazine since even before the organization was formally constituted. The WFSF magazine has gone through several iterations, changing its name and style with the changing times over nearly five decades. We are now launching a new version of the WFSF magazine. World Futures Studies Federation WFSF is a UNESCO and UN consultative partner and global NGO with members in over 60 countries. We bring together academics, researchers, practitioners, students and futures-focused institutions. WFSF offers a forum for stimulation, exploration, and exchange of ideas, visions, and designs for alternative futures to business-as-usual, through long-term, big-picture thinking, and radical change. We are a global non-profit NGO governed by a President and Executive Board. We are independent, non-commercial in focus and geared towards strengthening the scholarship of futures research. On the Cover Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall in Norway HUMAN FUTURES 3