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BUSINESS AND BEYOND At Hult, you’ll learn about the world Cultural differences matter more than ever, so at Hult you’ll be immersed in diversity from day one. Global businesses are run by local people Globalization is a fact of business life. Markets are more interconnected than ever before, companies are becoming multinational quicker, and global trade is taking a bigger and bigger percentage of global GDP. However, business practices remain resolutely local. Attitudes to things like timekeeping, communication style, and consensus building are deeply rooted in the local culture. Failure to navigate these fundamental differences is a major reason for not succeeding in international business. As a result, employers are increasingly looking to hire people with the ability to operate in a culturally diverse environment. Class of 2018 students Shivani Singh, Tracy Latrina Ebanks, Mario Debilacqua von Gunderrode, and Gabriel Dion in a team breakout session at the San Francisco campus. Learn to work across cultures The classroom diversity at Hult is unparalleled. Over the course of their degree, the average Hult student will work directly with teammates of over 30 different nationalities. Exposure to this broad range of cultures ensures that you graduate with a true appreciation of cultural differences and a deep understanding of how to navigate these effectively and sensitively in a working environment. You can also choose to take advantage of Hult’s global campus network to gain on-the-ground experience of international business around the world. Encompassing Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York—our unique Global Campus Rotation enables you to study in up to three locations within your one-year program. Almost half of all students take advantage of the opportunity to study at more than one campus and experience different cultures, explore employment options, or simply visit family and friends. Graduate with a global mindset Whichever route you choose through Hult, you are guaranteed to learn what makes other cultures tick, gain an international perspective on business, and graduate with friends and connections all over the world—an incredibly valuable asset in your international career. Being immersed in the diversity at Hult will change the way you see the world forever. HULT.EDU/APPLY 9