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CAREER IMPACT Where entrepreneurs f lourish Entrepreneurialism is an ethos and attitude that runs throughout our teaching and career support. If you have ambitions to start your own business, Hult is the ideal environment in which to make those dreams a reality. 8% 70+ of Hult graduates start their own business. founders in the Hult Founders Lab, our in-house incubator. Michael came to Hult with bold ambitions. He knew he wanted to start his own business, he knew what that business was, and he knew it had the potential to change the world. Why did you do an MBA if you knew you wanted to start your own business? My reasons for getting an MBA were driven by my entrepreneurial ambitions. I wanted to get the right skills and the team to take my business idea forward. I needed a team of high achievers and people who were really driven and passionate to make a difference in the world. The team-building process was organic—at Hult I naturally found people who would benefit my team. Michael Ballard American Founder Attis AgTech MBA with a Dual Degree in Masters in Finance Class of 2018 Boston campus Tell us about the business and your objectives. Water scarcity is a big problem on a global scale, and we believe we have a solution to it. 70% of the world’s water is consumed by agriculture—and 50% of that goes to growing feed for livestock. Attis AgTech leverages robotics, AI, IoT, and blockchain to bring growing that feed into a controlled environment that uses 100x less water on a pound-for-pound basis. It’s healthier for the animals, it’s cleaner for the environment, and it reduces our carbon footprint. There’s even evidence that it reduces methane output, which is huge for climate change. Our overall objective is to create water security. But it’s also about economic security. The drought in California, for example, cost the agricultural industry an estimated $2.7 billion USD. How did your business develop while you were at Hult? The fact that I could tie in developing the business with my capstone MBA challenge had a major impact. Not only did I build a dream team in a matter of weeks from within my cohort with the expertise it would’ve taken me years to find otherwise—a mechanical engineer, a pharmaceutical biological chemist, a finance and trading specialist, a marketer—we made connections with experts, entrepreneurs, innovation consultants, and venture capitalists. We won the challenge on the Boston campus and the business model is ready to go to market. We’re now raising the seed capital we need to launch. 52