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CAREER IMPACT Mignnone Karugu, Class of 2018, debates with her team at the Dubai campus. Students come to Hult to make a change—and they do. From the Hult MBA Class of 2017: 98% 71% 70% 61% change location, industry, or function. change industry. change function. are employed in a country different than their country of origin. After 10 years as a Financial Analyst in New York, Jane wanted a new life as a consultant in London. Finding an employer happy to sponsor her visa was tough, but she’s now living her dream with EY. Jane Rubinshteyn American Senior Consultant EY Class of 2017 London campus I wanted my MBA to help me transition from the finance sector in New York into consultancy. I applied to roles in other firms here in London, but once they knew I needed a work visa they were reluctant. As a global firm that encourages diversity, EY had no issues with sponsoring my visa once I had successfully made it through the interview rounds. Hult’s Career Development team really supported me through the stages of interviewing, ensuring I was able to effectively pitch to any audience. The entire application process took about three months, and by January I was ready to start my new career as a senior consultant in the London office. Maintaining a growth mindset is key when it comes to making a career change. It is hard to get a company sponsorship, but keep believing in yourself, apply to any opportunity you find, and be sure to think through the practicalities of your decision—this is a big, life-altering transition. HULT.EDU/APPLY 49