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Students at Hult Dubai meet with recruiters from KPMG, Philips, and L’Oréal at the 2017 Career Connections Forum. Masters in Business Analytics Offered in San Francisco Demand for scientific graduates means Masters in Business Analytics grads working in U.S. STEM jobs post- graduation can receive U.S. work authorization (OPT) of up to three years. As the role of big data becomes increasingly important, this degree equips you with the analytical and business capability to translate data statistics and analysis into action. Why employers value this: What you’ll learn: Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have demonstrated the profitability of harnessing large-scale consumer data. Employers search for candidates who have the ability to translate data into actionable solutions. This degree will place you at the intersection of statistical analysis and business knowledge. You’ll learn how to tell the story behind the numbers so that you can make meaningful, impactful contributions. Masters in Disruptive Innovation Offered in San Francisco Disruption and innovation impact all areas of the workforce and fundamentally change how businesses grow. As companies race to innovate in a shifting digital landscape, Hult’s Masters in Disruptive Innovation will enable you to link successful business decisions with technological advancement. What you’ll learn: Why employers value this: This degree is designed to equip you with both a practical business understanding and the knowledge of how people, technology, and digitization overlap to impact decision making and organizational change. Though many graduates use the innovative techniques they learn in this degree to launch their own endeavors, all business leaders understand that harnessing disruptive technologies is critical to driving rapid innovation and maintaining relevance. Employers seek candidates with both business and digital acumen. HULT.EDU/APPLY 41