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Kisuc Kim, Class of 2018, maps out his options on the walls of a meeting room on the Dubai campus. Graduate with employable skills A data-driven approach Tailor your skills to your goals We partnered with Burning Glass Technologies to analyze millions of global job descriptions and identify the real skills that employers are looking for. We’ve built the teaching of these professional and technical skills into our programs so you can ensure you graduate with the skills you need for the role you want. By beginning with your career goal in mind, you can tailor your courses at Hult to ensure you acquire the skills you need for your ideal role. It starts by determining your target role, then making decisions on what elective course to enroll in to fulfill that goal. Supportive academic advisors are on hand to help you design a curriculum that will prepare you for your dream job. Critical skills for a sampling of some of today’s in-demand jobs Delivered in your core curriculum There are certain professional skills that employers are looking for, which apply to all job roles. These are the skills that are integral to being a valuable team member and an effective contributor to any business. We have integrated the teaching of these skills into the core curriculum of all our MBA programs. Job Technical skill Elective discipline Marketing Manager Google Analytics Master the world’s most used web analytics service to translate user insights into informed marketing actions. Marketing elective Financial Analyst Advanced Excel Easy to use but harder to perfect, Excel is the single most used analytical tool for finance professionals. Analyze huge data sets efficiently with the right operations and shortcuts. Finance elective Product Manager Micro ٝڙX•[H\وY[HX][Y[BX\[[X[X[YH[\ڙXœ]ZXH[]\]][KڙXX[Y[Y[[X]B]H[[\]\X]ۋXX]BYY[\Y \ۙHوH[[\Y]X[\[]H\^]K[[[\\[\\\\ˈ\[\[[]X™[X]B[\‘^X]]H[\ٛܘB]8&\Xܙ]8%X[Y[[\\Y\[ܛX][ۂ[[Y[H[[\ݙH[\[\\YXY[K[[\ٛܘH\[[\HXY\X\][[X]Bٙ\[ۘ[[΂(PXܘ][ۂ(P[][X][ۂ(QܙX\[¸(Q[[X[\ܝ[¸(TڙXX[Y[Y[(T\X\(T؛[H[¸(T[][ۜ\Z[[’S QKTB