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Dr. Mark Esposito leads a Global Economics class at the San Francisco campus. Business & Global Society Global Strategy Future Mindset Explore the economic, social, and political context of global business and identify the institutional frameworks that shape the wider context of business. There will be a special focus on defining and understanding the meaning, importance, and implications of social responsibility for all stakeholders. Develop a deep understanding of the challenges top management in today’s corporations face when implementing corporate and global strategy. Executives face constant change in global industry as well as in their own backyard. The solutions they must define strike a delicate balance between adapting strategic thinking to business realities and implementing attitudes that are essential to motivating their teams. In the next ten years the rise of new exponential technologies will change economics and daily life around the world. Making sense of the possibilities and experiences that a new world of mobility, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence will bring requires a future mindset that can understand and act in rapidly shifting digital contexts, organizations, and technologies. Hult students will build competencies in the mindsets and approaches of the new digital economy, exploring the contexts in which digitally forward organizations define new opportunities—and how they turn these opportunities into learning and growth. International Marketing Learn the processes involved in the creation, communication, pricing, and distribution of products. Through a managerial perspective, you’ll understand the tasks and decisions faced by marketing managers, including target market selection, competitive positioning, and distribution strategies. There’s a particular emphasis on international marketing contexts. Analytics in Business Decisions In this new world of information overload, employers actively seek candidates who have the ability to translate data into actionable solutions. Place yourself at the intersection of statistical analysis and business knowledge so that you can make meaningful, impactful contributions to any business. Professor spotlight Dr. Omar Romero-Hernandez Mexican Operations Management & Sustainability Professor PhD, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine In addition to a distinguished academic career, Omar is committed to transforming communities across his native Mexico. He’s helped the lives of millions of people in marginalized communities as a board member of sustainability NGO Cantaro Azul. Together, they’ve developed technology to improve access to clean water for tens of thousands of low-income people in isolated communities. They’ve also helped over five million adults complete high school by partnering with the government to create a stronger adult education model and promoted the adoption of sustainable farming methods through the use of renewable energy. Omar and his colleagues have presented their research into renewable energy to the Mexican Congress and received funding from the European Union. By sharing his projects in his classes at Hult, Omar gives students valuable insights into real challenges and possible solutions in developing countries. HULT.EDU/APPLY 35