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THE HULT STUDENT “Most professors are international and have global business expertise— they transfer their high level of skills and knowledge to students.” Mignnone Karugu Rwandan Class of 2018 Dubai campus Languages spoken: French, English, Kinyarwanda, Lingala, and Swahili Why Hult? Hult offers a curriculum that emphasizes soft skills and leadership. Students are diverse and come with different experiences that others can benefit from, which is reflected in the real business world. Hult also offers electives at their campuses around the world, which is something that very few business schools can compete with. Most professors are international and have global business expertise—they transfer their high level of skills and knowledge to students. Biggest lesson learned? I’ve learned about various economies, their practices, and how any model is replicable when tailored well to specific needs and situations. Hult helped me to shape my focus, deal well with workload management, and work more effectively. I’ve also learned that nothing is easy and great achievements can only happen as a result of hard and consistent work. It’s okay to fail, as long as you learn from your mistakes and do better when another opportunity presents itself. How have your skills developed? Working with an international cohort has developed my communication skills. I’ve learned that working environments can be difficult and that keeping high standards and integrity at all times will always pay off. Why Dubai? Dubai is the most fast-paced and modern economic hub in the Middle East. It’s known for its world-class development infrastructure. The population of Dubai is diverse and offers insights and experiences people can learn from and apply elsewhere. In terms of education, Dubai has attracted top business schools such as Hult with an emphasis on scientific studies, entrepreneurship, and cutting edge technology. This offers students a platform to practice skills that can be applied globally. Hear from more Hult students: HULT.EDU/APPLY 21