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The dream team (left-right): Keisuke “Kei” Kubota, Nataliey “Taliey” Bitature, and Manon Lavaud Hult student teams at the 2018 Hult Prize regional finals Team Enpov Bachelor of Business Administration students at Hult’s London campus, with their e-Trike idea aimed at shaping the future of rural mobility and small-scale agriculture. Team Genr8 Did you do any field research? We spent six days in Uganda. Working 15-hour days, we managed to hold focus groups and were able to better understand our customers—their routines, lives, habits, family situations, dreams, and challenges. We met several local business owners and managed to get our prototypes out on the street to see what vendors thought. Visit to find out more about this incredible initiative transforming street vendors’ lives in Uganda. Global Executive MBA students at Hult’s Dubai campus, with their P2P sustainable energy exchange. Team Aasha Global One-Year MBA students at Hult’s Boston campus use virtual reality to address everyday problems farmers face. Utilizing both OffGridBox and solar power, Aasha aims to eradicate some of these challenges through improving access to water. Team H2All Global One-Year MBA students at Hult’s San Francisco campus, with their compact and user-friendly device that generates chlorine to kill bacteria and purify water. SVKԑ