Hult Alumni Magazine Issue 3 - Page 19

ALUMNI COUPLES Stephen Lemay and Stacey Yang, MBA Dubai 2009 “We met the first time the week prior to the start of the MBA. Stacey had a package to pick up at the school and I offered to help her. Ooh my, I’d never seen a suitcase that big! It even had its own stabilizing bar with additional wheels that pop out,” Stephen says. Stacey told us, “Just before the MBA started, a few girls decided to go shopping. Surprisingly, Stephen decided to join, he shopped with us the whole afternoon and he didn’t complain or encourage us to speed up like most other men would. That really impressed me.” Our best Hult memory was visiting China and Taiwan. We went to the Shanghai campus together for Module C and I took him back to meet my family, we also went to Beijing and climbed the Great Wall and visited the Forbidden City. We’re expecting 10 to15 Hultians to join us at our wedding!” Joe and Crystina Brooks, MBA Boston 2006 “We met in the first week of Hult at one of the mixers held at the Boston campus. It was one of those crazy days when we’d all just arrived in Boston and were meeting all these interesting people that we’d be spending the next twelve months with. As the year progressed, we were both often involved in planning things like ski trips. We worked together on team projects and became close friends. At our wedding we had Hult friends from Russia, Venezuela, India, the Philippines, Peru, and Canada in attendance. Our best Hult memory was in China, when we went for dinner at a local restaurant. They gave us a menu without an English translation or photos, Crystina walked around the restaurant with the waitress and pointed to the food we wanted on other people’s tables! She ordered brain, bird feet, and other unknown meat. Needless to say we laughed for about two hours straight. It was a great night! Since graduating from Hult, we’ve stayed in Boston and we now have a happy and healthy son, James, who was born in September 2012.” Dalia Valencia and Vinod Kumar, MBA Boston 2006 “We met during Module A, in September of 2006. We were in the same team, and had to design a marketing strategy. Many of our Indian classmates were not used to using the photocopier, and Dalia explained on several occasions how to use the machine. One of those times it was Vinod who was trying to figure it out, and then Dalia came to the rescue! Our best Hult memory is staying at school late to study and do homework together, then going to buy a steak and cheese sandwich from the small convenience store at the corner of Museum Towers.” Dalia says, “Vinod was always smiling, I love his smile! One day after school we went out the two of us for a beer, we had so much fun that I felt like I was spending time with one of my best friends.” Vinod adds: “I remember I fell for Dalia’s eyes and her sense of determination. Despite coming from different cultures, we share many values and it is these values that have kept us together all these years.” 19